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Could Low Wonderlic Score Cause Patrick Peterson To Fall To Cowboys?

How much value do NFL teams place on Wonderlic scores?

BTB Member Rena posted a fanshot yesterday showing that two top ten draft prospects recorded alarmingly low scores on their Wonderlic tests.

The two players? None other than the #1 prospect on the Cowboys' board, Patrick Peterson, who scored a 9, as well as A.J. Green, who scored a 10. A little over a month a go, we looked at the Wonderlic in detail, and know that the average scores for corners and receivers are 18 and 17 respectively, and that anything below 10 can be an indication of a literacy problem or learning disability.

The Wonderlic test is just one indicator among many to evaluate the NFL potential of a prospect, but is Peterson's score enough to drop him to the ninth spot, and if so, should the Cowboys take him?

Before the test scores were published many teams had Peterson at the very top of their boards. This evaluation was made based on countless hours of tape study, combine measurables, interviews with former coaches and scouting reports. Can one test change all that?

Nolan Nawrocki from Pro Football Weekly reflects on Peterson and quotes a scout 'with deep knowledge of the kid':

"The more I'm around him, the more I love him even more. I love the kid, and I love the talent. But I don't like the way he plays with his back to the ball. He has an instinct issue, and I think it's tied to his mental (ability). He can only handle so much. He's not a quick processor. It's a scary year to be drafting in the top 10 because they all have some issue."

A 'slow processor' is not exactly what you would like to draft in the top ten, and this might be even more of an issue if Peterson were to be asked to play in a complex Rob Ryan defense:

"He's a press corner," another longtime evaluator said. "His strong suit is that he can run and press. He won't play for the Patriots, where he's disguising coverage after coverage, but I still think he can be a No. 1 shutdown corner."

On the other hand, prior to the release of the Peterson's score, Peterson was variously described as one of the most NFL-ready players in the draft, a likely shutdown corner in the NFL, the best overall player in the draft etc. etc.

And this suddenly changes with one test? I don't think so. But I hope some other teams picking ahead of Dallas think so.

What's your take? Do these test results raise red flags or would it be wham, bam thank you, ma'm if Peterson is still available when the Cowboys are on the clock?

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