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Cowboys Bryan McCann Arrested For Public Intoxication

We may be in a lockout, or semi-lockout, or some state of limbo, but the NFL plans to keep punishing players under the personal conduct policy. Now they have have a candidate from the Dallas Cowboys.

Bryan McCann, the cornerback who burst onto the scene for Dallas with a 101-yard interception return for touchdown, and a 97-yard punt return for touchdown, couldn't avoid the law on Saturday night. He was arrested for public intoxication according to

Dallas Cowboys cornerback Bryan McCann was arrested by Dallas police early Saturday morning and charged with public intoxication. McCann was taken to Dallas city detox center around 3 a.m. and released almost eight hours later. Details of what led to his arrest have not been released, but officers must consider someone a danger to themselves or others to arrest them for public intoxication.

We don't have any real details of what happened, but the part about him being a danger to himself or others to be arrested for public intoxication leads one to believe the guy was totally smashed.

This will be interesting to see if the NFL tries to bring discipline against McCann in spite of the lockout and labor uncertainty. Meanwhile, back at the Ranch, just not a good move by McCann.

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