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Poll: Which Side Is More Deserving Of The Fan's Wrath Now?

Over the past few days, SB Nation has been trying to bring you some uncensored talk about the labor negotiations currently bedeviling the NFL owners, players, and fans. If you missed it, here are some links to the articles.

The full transcript of our interview with Roger Goodell and Jeff Pash. A couple of excerpts from that interview here and here.

The full transcript of our interview with DeMaurice Smith and Takeo Spikes. An excerpt from that interview, here.

Roger Goodell's letter to the players. The player's letter back to the commissioner.

While not much has changed in substance, the emotion and rancor seems to be elevating. Previous to this latest round of news, I was firmly in the player's corner. Now, with their recent hyperbolic statements about the "worst deal in sports", modern-day slavery, and guys like Terrence Newman saying stupid things like Goodell is pocketing the money, the players are starting to lose me.

So I wanted to re-visit a poll question and see which side is now more deserving of the fan's wrath. Vote below, and tell us your thoughts in the comments.

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