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BTB Community Mock: Pick#3, The Buffalo Bills Select...

BTB Mock Draft
BTB Mock Draft

We're back here live at the Mock Draft and we have breaking news! BTB security has rushed the offices of the Buffalo Bills and hunkered down in the War Room. Assigned GM, TheNextOne94, hasn't been heard from since. They've sent out tweets and Facebook status updates saying that they will only relinquish control after they've made the next selection and received a lifetime pass to Buffalo's best gentlemen's club. Rumors have it that the pass is the deal breaker. Let's see if giving them the pick can end the hostile takeover.

Draft Pick #: 3

Team Name: Buffalo Bills


Selection: (DT) Marcel Dareus, Alabama

Why The Pick: Buffalo Bills head coach Chan Gailey announced that the team would employ both the 3-4 and the 4-3 fronts for the 2011 season. That means that the team, which was one of the worst defenses in football in 2010, needs an influx of scheme diverse players. It doesn't get any more diverse than Dareus., one of my favorite sites because they rank based on scheme instead of lumping all the defensive front seven prospects into only two groups agrees. Dareus ranks as their #1 4-3 DT prospect, and the #3 3-4 DE prospect (behind Cam Jordan and JJ Watt).

Follow the jump for analysis of the pick.

(AP Photo/Chris Carlson, File)

HIGH PRIORITY TEAM NEEDS (lower number indicates higher priority) according to

Threat Level Red (priority 1-2): Quarterback ,Right Offensive Tackle, 3-4 Defensive End, 3-4 Outside Backer, 3-4 Sam Middle Backer, Cornerback

Threat Level Orange (priority 3-4): 3-4 Will Middle Backer, Strong Safety, 3-4 Nose Tackle, Tight End, Left Tackle

Threat Level Yellow (priority 5-6): Center, Guard

Threat Level Blue (priority 7-8): None

Threat Level Green (priority 9): Running Back, Wide Receiver

Star_medium_medium ranked #3 overall, #1 4-3 DE, #3 3-4 DT

Wes Bunting, ranked #15 overall, #2 at position

Impression: Looks like a physical five-technique who has some upside to his game because of his high pad level as a pass rusher, but his weight issues could ultimately keep him from ever living up to his potential and keep from ever being much more than a very good run defender who eats up blocks inside. ranked #3 overall, #1 at position (updated 3/19) ranked #2 overall, #1 at position

Mike Mayock, ranked #1 overall, #1 at position

This is my favorite player in the country this year. He has tremendous foot speed for a player his size. He can play the nose, the three-technique and showed he can play the five-technique. From my perspective, I don't think he can possibly get past Denver at No. 2. profile:

Pass rush: Good initial quickness off the snap. Doesn't possess the burst upfield to cross the tackle's face and turn the corner. Quick enough, however, to split the gap and collapse the pocket from the interior. Explosive hands to disengage from blocks. Needs a clear lane to close, but shows a late burst toward the ball when he has it. Flashes some legitimate pass-rush technique, including a swim move and good inside rip. Possesses surprising lateral agility and balance to track down elusive quarterbacks.

Run defense: Stout at the point of attack. Plays with good leverage and can anchor to create a pile. Cognizant defender who works hard to keep containment. Good lateral agility and balance to slide while fighting blockers. Long arms and good strength to lock-out. Explosive hands to disengage. Won't shed the block until he reads where the ballcarrier is going. Good effort laterally and downfield in pursuit. Surprising speed for a man his size.

Explosion: Can provide an explosive initial punch to jar the offensive lineman back onto his heels. Powerful and quick hands to shed blocks. Flashes some explosiveness as a hitter, needing little momentum to rock the ballcarrier.

Strength: Thick lower body, which helps him anchor well against the run. Powerful bull rusher with good hand strength to disengage quickly. Good upper-body strength to pull down ballcarriers while occupied with a blocker.

Tackling: Shows surprising lateral agility and balance to break down against elusive athletes. Isn't always capable of making the tackle in the open field himself, but often does a good enough job of forcing elusive ballcarriers to dance in an effort to elude him that secondary defenders are able to get there and help make the play. Good strength for the pull down tackle inside. Good effort laterally and downfield in pursuit. Will lay out for the diving tackle, showing good hand-eye coordination to trip up the ballcarrier. Flashes some explosiveness as a hitter.

Short highlight footage

Pro Day Interview


Now on the clock, the Cincinatti Bengals and their GM staubachfan. Please email me your pick at

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