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Dallas Cowboys Tidbits: Surprise, Buddy Ryan Doesn't Really Like Us

Let the hatred resurface! Current New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan, brother to our DC Rob, held court at the owner's meeting in New Orleans yesterday. Among the many topics discussed was his take on Dallas' defense in 2011.  The more enjoyable topic however was how his father, former coach of the Super Bowl-challenged Philadelphia Eagles, Buddy Ryan, feels about his son coaching the Cowboys.

When asked about how his father felt about Rob Ryan joining the staff of the Cowboys, Rex Ryan said that Buddy is “struggling with it a little bit. … He looked at Rob like he's Benedict Arnold or something.” - Dallas Morning News

I love it. Plunge that knife into your old man's back, Rob! If there's one thing I love more than to hurt the feelings of someone associated with Philly on gamedays, it's knowing they are thinking about the Cowboys and our five Lombardi's during the offseason.

Brother Rex, also had these fun-natured barbs that he tossed towards Rob.

“I always say this to him, and I believe it: I think they'll be second in the league in defense this year,” Rex Ryan said.

Follow the jump for more tidbits...

--- Uniform possibilities, by Tommy Hilfiger. Ummmm, no.

--- The Mothership seems to think that Andre Gurode is the one guy you don't need to worry about on the offensive line. How do you feel? []

--- Our head honcho Jason Garrett has heard about the new rule changes regarding kicks and he did not come away impressed. []

"I like the intent. You can’t argue with the statistics. Now what’s the best way to achieve the goal? I don’t think it's all of the five components out there."

--- DeMarcus Ware checks in at #1 on's NFL Nation list of the top pass rushers in the NFL. Duh!

--- Jason Witten is a comic. No, really... he's in a comic strip.

--- Former Cowboys quarterback and three-time Super Bowl champion Troy Aikman is going to be speaking at Burke Elementary School, to honor them for their dedication to fitness. []

--- Cowboys rank 21st in a survey done on sports fan satisfaction. []

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