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Dez Bryant Involved In Disturbance At Local Mall

The interwebs are abuzz about reports that Dez Bryant was ejected from the NorthPark Center shopping mall on Saturday night after being involved in a disturbance arising from a dispute over sagging pants worn by Bryant and three companions.

According to a report by, Bryant and his companions were asked to leave the mall after they refused to raise pants that were exposing their underwear. The report also indicates that two off-duty police officers gave Bryant a warning and told him he can’t return to the mall for three months or he’ll be subject to arrest.

According to the WFAA report, Bryant did not take kindly to being asked to pull up his trousers and is quoted as saying, "What the [expletive] are you stopping me, like I stole something," and launched into a tirade that led the officers to escort him from the mall. The DMN reports that Bryant originally refused to leave until his representative or his attorney arrived, but friends later persuaded him to leave.

Is this all just a big misunderstanding?

David Wells, Bryant's "adviser" insists nothing happened:

"I was an actual witness to the fact that there was no citation or verbal warning issued to Dez Bryant at NorthPark on Saturday in my presence. Furthermore, Dez was not one of the guys wearing his pants low."

ESPNs Calvin Watkins quotes Dez Bryant on the incident.

"I told the guy I'm not trying to get in trouble," Bryant said. "I'm not trying to destroy my image. The [warning] wasn't toward me. I was trying to figure out what was going on. It was a big misunderstanding. I was the wrong guy."

Sounds like a classic SODDIT defense - some other dude did it - never a good idea, and hardly ever successful as a defense. Dez Bryant downplayed the incident on twitter:

It's really a non story..the media need something to talk about. anyway how has everyone day been?

Fact is that no charges were filed, so we may give Bryant the benefit of the doubt on this one. What's much more concerning is that this is not the first time Bryant's name has popped up in connection with 'incidents' at NorthPark Center. The DMN writes:

A police report said Bryant "has had a pattern of behavior at NorthPark Center involving security/off-duty police."

According to the police report, Bryant's previous incidents at the mall included "a major disturbance" at P.F. Changs with an unknown female as well as an episode at the Apple Store when a lieutenant had to intervene after Bryant attempted to cut in line. Bryant also received a citation for being parked in the mall's fire line, according to the police report.


[hat tip to CaliCowboysFan92 for the fanshot]

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