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Introducing A New BTB Feature: The Draft(tek) Mailbag

In the wake of our series of informative interviews with Longball of Drafttek (you can find them all by scrolling down here), there has been a general clamor to create a forum wherein he can continue to share his shrewd scouting eye with the fine folk here at BTB. So, I'm pleased to announce that he has accepted the challenge and we will be adding a new feature that will run from now until the draft: the BTB draft mailbag!

Here's how it works: email your draft-related inquiries to, making sure to include your BTB member name. I will select the best and most pertinent of these and forward them to Longball, who will then draw upon his flowing fountain of draft knowledge to give you as much info and insight as is humanly possible. In some instances, I will add my thoughts, ask other front page writers to chime in, or reference other draft pundits who might have relevant info to share. The types of questions that are most likely to get through to Ol' Longball would address:

  • specific players (particularly those likely to be drafted after the second round)
  • comparisons between two or more players at the same position
  • player profiles: the prospects who best fit Dallas' various systems
  • thoughts about the players who are likely to be on the board at a specific part of the draft (say, the early fourth round)

That said, I'd love to have some surprises or curveballs. Feel free to think outside the box, so we can challenge LB's draft-enriched brain.

Okay, y'all, fire away. And make 'em good--Longball's a clever one.

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