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Cowboys May Face NFL Fine Over Contact Between Coaches And Players

According to a report by the National Football Post, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell levied fines on five teams for having illegal contact with players prior to the lockout, during a designated "dead" period after the end of the regular season.

League executive Jeff Pash hinted strongly that the Miami Dolphins were one of the teams. The National Football Post, citing public reports about team contacts between staff and players (like our own post "Cowboys Defense Held "Cram Sessions" With Rob Ryan Before Lockout"), lists the Cowboys as well as the Browns and 49ers as "likely violators" of the rule.

Under the recently expired CBA, "players are not permitted to participate in organized workouts, practices or meetings of any kind" and "players may not be directed or supervised by position coaches during this period" until the offseason program begins, which was usually around mid March.

You know what? I think the Cowboys should proudly pay whatever the fine is. And I hope the Cowboys stocked up on pre-paid cell phones. [Hat tip to Rena for the fanshot]

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