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Dallas Cowboys Tidbits: Jason Witten Talks Lockout, Nate Newton Talks 18 Games

I came across this article while scouring the web to bring the latest in Cowboys news. Although there aren't any scintillating revelations, it is good to hear the players' message that they feel they took the necessary steps to have football in 2011 by decertifying. This article from last week helps illuminate the opposite side of the coin to the owner's statements. The owners' message tends to be more wide spread in circulation than the players' messages, unless someone is saying something stupid.

In the Ft. Worth Star Telegram interview, Witten tackles the following lockout questions.

Are you confident there will be a 2011 season? Yeah, absolutely.

Does this lockout make you more money conscious before or is it something you even have to worry about ? Players definitely have to be money conscious this time. It could be an extended period of time not getting paid, so players are very conscious of that and they need to be. This has been in the process for over a year, so guys have been able to take that into consideration with the decisions that they made.

Does this lockout make you think about your future, and how much longer you envision yourself playing in the NFL? Well, I think once this lockout gets resolved, it'll be for the long haul. Hopefully this can be resolved and we won't have to think about any of this for a very long time.

The interview also touches on Witten's recent stint as a comic strip character, in the fight against drunk driving.

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Not many people remember that before Nate Newton spent 13 seasons on the Cowboys offensive line, he spent two with the Tampa Bay Bandits in the USFL. Well, all the talk of the NFL taking away two preseason games and adding them to the regular season schedule has brought back memories of the old USFL, which played an 18 game season.

Nate Newton recalls how he did absolutely nothing but rest for an entire month after playing his two USFL 18-game regular seasons...

"From week to week, game plan to game plan, there's the physical part, but the mental part of the preparation is what wears a guy down," said Newton, a former star offensive lineman, who began his pro career in 1984 with the USFL Tampa Bay Bandits. "You're going to blow a fuse. It's just bound to happen."

He said an 18-game schedule would require the NFL to expand its rosters from 53 to at least 60 players. And teams would be keen in stocking at least two capable running backs and two quarterbacks.


-- In draft news... WHOHOOOO!!! The Cowboys have taken in the workout of my pet cat, Kenrick Ellis. Ellis is a defensive tackle prospect from esteemed Hampton University. The proud Pirate was a transfer from South Carolina, and is a huge mountain that could give Josh Brent some serious competition in the d-lineman rotation. Ellis didn't have the best combine, which could have stunted his rise on the big boards. That doesn't necessarily mean that his stock won't be high come draft day, as the 6'5" lineman weighed in at 333, down from 346 in Indy. Here's a look back at a profile we did on Ellis and other DT prospects from the Dallas Vs. The Nation All-Star game. Originally a 4th round pick, Wed Bunting now likes him as the #59 overall prospect and #9 DT. has him at #126 overall, and the #4 3-4 Nose Tackle.

-- Flying under the radar, the Cowboys have added another coach to the staff. Mike Woicik will now be assisted in the strength and conditioning program by Walter Williams. Williams replaces Tony Ollison and was a player in New England during the time that Woicik ran their conditioning programs.

-- Former Cowboys Eugene Lockhart is currently jailed and awaiting trial. [National Football Post]

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