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Dallas Cowboys Highlight Videos: Felix Jones And The Running Backs

Even when you're watching replay after replay you can't see me, playa.
Even when you're watching replay after replay you can't see me, playa.

In our initial entry for this series, we took a look at the amazing athletic feats of Dez Bryant and Miles Austin.  The thought of these two dynamic threats being lined up opposite each other with Tony Romo throwing lasers and bombs was enough to send BTB members into a longing for the 2011 season. I'm sure there is some psychological term for being a punishment glutton, but I have a feeling everyone will enjoy the videos that I've rounded up for our work-horses in the backfield, and crave a chance to see them in action.

Again, I'll apologize in advance to all the mobile viewers if the videos mess with your experience. I'll put them all after the jump and maybe you can view once you get in front of a computer. Cheers!

NOTE: While not a true 'highlight' video, I absolutely LOVE this video of Tashard Choice from his Georgia Tech days. I'm sure a lot of the readers have seen this before. If you haven't, now you know what type of leader TC23 is.


Felix Jones highlights (hip hop soundtrack)

Marion Barber 2007-2008 highlight reel (hip hop soundtrack, not the clearest footage)

Tashard Choice 2008-2009 highlights (funk/hiphop soundtrack)


Emmitt Smith highlights (rock soundtrack)

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