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Dallas Cowboys Awarded Extra Seventh-Round Pick By NFL

The NFL released their list of compensatory selections for the 2011 NFL Draft, and the Cowboys have been awarded an extra seventh round selection - essentially for being really bad last year.

If I added up everything correctly, these are the Cowboys' eight draft choices [hat tip to Fergie3108 for the fanshot]:

1st Round - #9 Overall
2nd Round - #40 Overall
3rd Round - #71 Overall
4th Round - #110 Overall
5th Round - #143 Overall
6th Round - #176 Overall
7th Round - #219 Overall
7th Round - #251 Overall

The compensatory picks are awarded to teams that suffered a net loss in free agency last year. Every year the league awards 32 such picks. This year, only 21 of the picks were awarded to teams based on their free agent losses last year. The remaining 11 picks are awarded by draft order, which is how the Cowboys got the ninth of those 11 remaining picks, and hence got the 251st out of 253 total draft picks. Compensatory picks can not be traded.

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