Tyron Smith's Pro Day Results.

Well, here they are. What we've all been waiting for.

From CBS Sports:

Southern Cal tackle Tyron Smith took a step towards the top of the draft Thursday at the Trojan's pro day. With every NFL team represented, the 20 year-old Smith timed a 4.91 40 while weighing in at 310 pounds. Despite his ridiculously long 36 3/8" arms, today Smith also increased his bench mark from 29 to 31 reps.

Playing at 280 pounds most of the year, scouts wondered if he could put on weight--and keep it on. But since the end of the year, when he had surgery on a torn mensicus, he's put on 30 pounds--including three additional pounds since the Combine despite working hard for this crucial workout.

Given his youth and the intensity of NFL strength and conditioning programs, Smith should be able to at least stay above 300 pounds early in his career and probably approach 320 as his body matures.

It appears the knee surgery is a thing of the past given his workout today. Combining a clean bill of health with the weight-room bench he showed today, the functional strength he showed on the field (playing well at right tackle at a svelte 280), sub 5.0 speed (with a 10-yard split in the low 1.7's) and exceptional footwork in drills means he could be the first offensive tackle off the board next month.

--Contributed by Senior Analyst Chad Reuter

Given this, I'd say the chances of him being the guy just went up greatly if he's there, and the odds of trading back just went down.

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