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Dallas Cowboys Tidbits: The Latest In Cowboys News

Bigger? Bigger than <em>this</em>?
Bigger? Bigger than this?

Let's take a journey around the web to find the latest in Dallas Cowboys news.

-- We all know how it goes, you can't stand on the mountaintop for too long. Someone will either come by to knock you off, or build a mountain that ruins your view. Well, Cowboys Stadium is set to lose designation as the owner of the world's largest television. [] Charlotte Speedway is starting construction on what will be the new leader of the pack, with a Panasonic HD screen 30 percent larger than the one that spans from 20 to 20 in Arlington.

-- Cowboys All-Pro Ed 'Too Tall' Jones was at that coronation announcement as part of the team that is bringing the future box to Charlotte.  Of course he was asked to weigh in on the NFL lockout and feels there is too much money at stake for there not to be a full 2011 season. []

-- The count of known lawsuits against Dez Bryant has now reached three. There is the well publicized one over the jewelry, another for supposed loans given to Bryant while attending Oklahoma State (which may or may not have been violations) and one for unpaid rent from his time in Stillwater, Oklahoma. []

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-- Dez Bryant is in a dark place, according to his adviser. [] The problem is that when you contribute at all to your reputation and it gets ahead of you, all things become your fault. That's just how it goes so you have to work extra hard to keep those things from finding you. Sometimes that's a hard truth to tell yourself.

-- The BCS Championship could be coming to North Texas if the Fiesta Bowl doesn't solve it's financial predicament. []

-- QB Stephen McGee has leaked that Tony Romo and Jason Witten are organizing secret squirrel workouts for the Cowboys players. []

-- Players will be allowed to draw on their lockout insurance money as of April 15th. Players with two or more years of experience will receive $60,000. []

-- The NFL has made their annual player benefits payments for the 2010 season. []

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