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10 Dallas Cowboys That Need To Go?

FOX Sports chimes in with a list of 10 current Dallas Cowboys players who they say need to go. Of course, in the offseason these kinds of lists are fun entertainment, but I doubt the Cowboys are going to turn over this many players, at least this many that receive significant playing time. Still, almost everybody on the list does bear some scrutiny, so I'll play along.

1. Alan Ball - I happen to agree, although he doesn't really need to go. They just need to move him back to a reserve and let him swing between safety and corner, depending on where the greatest need is when the dust settles on the offseason.

2. Marion Barber - I like MB3, but his time is over in Dallas. They should, and probably will, release him.

3. Alex Barron - He's still on the team? Yech.

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4. Martellus Bennett - Okay, now we're getting to an interesting one. Bennett has long tantalized us with his potential, and John Garrett (and statistical analysis) say he's a tough run blocker. But his production as a receiver has never materialized, and he's not as versatile as John Phillips who will be returning from injury. Is Bennett worth keeping as a third tight end? I'd say yes, unless you can get a decent trade offer around the draft.

5. Marc Colombo - I've been highly-critical of Colombo's play in 2010, just like most of you have, but I'm not sure if I'm ready to push him out the door yet. I'd keep him for this season, and bring in some competition.

6. Leonard Davis - No way. Look, he had a bad 2010, no doubt. But I wonder how much lax work habits under the Wade Phillips regime had to do with Davis, and other players, becoming lazy and complacent. The line, and the offense as a whole, looked much better under Jason Garrett's tutelage. I'm sticking with Bigg for another year.

7. Chris Gronkowski - Not that we desperately need him, but I don't see a reason to dump him just yet, unless you find a vet who can replace him.

8. Kyle Kosier - He's a free agent, so the Cowboys could absolutely let him go. But we've yet to develop any depth along the line, so his absence could be something we come to regret. This one I could go either way on as long as Dallas has a plan to replace him, and not with current stock on the team.

9. Marcus Spears - I think this is already happening.

10. Roy Williams - I'd be in favor of this one, too. I'd love the Cowboys to find a nice 3rd receiver who fits into that slot receiver mold. Unfortunately, I don't think Jerry Jones will ever admit to his mistake in acquiring Roy.

Okay, now it's your turn. Who stays and who goes?

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