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Poll: Potential 2011 Free Agent Safeties And The Dallas Cowboys

After the miserable 2010 season for the Dallas Cowboys, the position of safety has become an issue. Rather, it remains an issue. The Cowboys have yet to find that one major talent at the position, they haven't had a true stud since Darren Woodson retired. The closest they had was a younger Roy Williams, who was a fierce hitter that could alter a game. But too often, he altered it in the other direction by getting burnt in coverage by tight ends or wide receivers.

Players have come, players have gone, none grabbing hold of either the free safety or the strong safety spot. Alan Ball's poor showing in 2010 makes it likely that Dallas will want to bring at least some competition for the job, if not outright giving the job to someone else. They're also letting Gerald Sensabaugh test the market, a little bit of a gamble because while Sensabaugh wasn't spectacular, he was steady and actually produced some turnovers for Dallas in 2010 (5 INTs).

The recent signing of O.J. Atogwe by the Redskins and Bob Sanders by the Chargers has thinned the potential free agent field for the safety position. But never fear, there are still other names on the market. The list has been chronicled by various places, including the mothership with Nick Eatman, and Tim MacMahon at ESPN Dallas.

So who is the most attractive option? I put it to you, BTB, to answer the question in our poll and in the comments. (If you choose other in the poll, give us a name in the comments)

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