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Dallas Cowboys News: Newman And #9 For Peterson? Other Draft News

What kind of trade would you do for LSU's Patrick Peterson?
What kind of trade would you do for LSU's Patrick Peterson?

The NFL's draft party preparations are in full swing, even with the rather large pink elephant scratching out the letters 'C' 'B' and 'A' into the cherry wood furniture. Does anyone here actually host or attend a draft party? I am probably the most fevered of my friends when it comes to the draft. I normally watch every minute through the Cowboys third round pick, and then keep an eye on their slotted position on the tickers. However, I do this in solitude. If anyone actually attends the event or hosts a draft party I'd love to hear about it.  In the meantime, let's take a quick look at some tidbits relating to the draft and the Cowboys.

--- It appears the Cowboys, like a lot of other teams, think LSU's Patrick Peterson is a clear cut choice in the secondary. Peterson is listed atop the charts for all defensive backs, while also holding the universal top slot in many evaluations. Our own Rabblerousr pondered a scenario where Peterson was able to slide to Dallas at #9, although that possibility is quickly shrinking.  There have been reports that the Cowboys are looking to trade up for the opportunity to select Peterson.  What are your thoughts on the suggested trade of the #9 and Terrence Newman, should Peterson drop below the first few spots?

--- This is normally the quiet portion of the NFL off season, although this year we have all the fun CBA stuff that keeps us engaged along with the usual pre-draft conversations. With that, many national outlets are going to start with their team evaluations, and history shows that they rarely capture all aspects.'s Jeff Reynolds makes his attempt to lock in on the needs of all 32 NFL teams. The lead team? Of course it's the Dallas Cowboys! Cornerback, O-Line and Safety top his list, including this funny nugget:

3. Safety: The Cowboys are letting their best safety, Gerald Sensabaugh, test the free-agent market as they didn't even try to re-sign him. That's because calling him the best was like saying he was the tallest midget.

---SBNation's most recent mock draft has been released. The now have both of the top quarterback's going in the top 5, with Cam Newton to Carolina at number 1 and Missouri's Blaine Gabbert to Cincinatti at number 4. Even with that, it appears the draft's worst kept secret is shaping up, and all directions lead to Valley Ranch. No matter how the draft falls in front of them, Dallas ends up with Prince Amukamara way more often than not. This is a problem for people that feel that Amukamara may be the second best cornerback, but not worth the high draft slot. I'm sensing the building sentiment is that the Cowboys should trade down. Our own mock draft exercise shows there is going to be a wealth of talent at the 16-24 range in the first round. If the Cowboys could pull in extra picks, that's a plus.

--- Remember Mario Edwards? He was a 2000 sixth-round defensive back draft pick of the Cowboys. Played four seasons in Big D and started 47 games. Well, it appears his son has a bright future in the league. Denton star Mario Edwards, Jr. is considering signing with University of Texas as part of their 2012 recruit class according to SBNation U of T blog Burnt Orange Nation.  The kid is a 6'4" 288 high school defensive end. Remember how they marveled at the size/speed ratio of this year's crop of d-linemen at the combine? Wait til they get a load of him! I can't wait to want to draft this guy in four years, it's never too early to start planning.

--- O.C.C. authored a great post earlier today dealing with the invitations that the Cowboys extend to potential draft prospects. It appears that for the most part, the Cowboys tip their hand as to who their targets are most times, but occasionally either try to throw off the dogs or they completely abandon their pre-draft strategies (Mike Jenkins was not brought into the Ranch). Post-combine, these visits are obviously key to a team's decision making process. There is a step in between Indy and the invitations, and that's the college Pro Days. Matt Bowen of the National Football Post has a good read up on what you can expect out of, and gain from the school's pro day sessions.

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