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Von Miller "Bummed Out" He Wasn't Interviewed By Cowboys At The Combine

Von Miller: "I always saw myself with a blue star on my helmet."
Von Miller: "I always saw myself with a blue star on my helmet."

Texas A&M linebacker Von Miller joined Galloway and Company on 103.3 FM today to talk about his draft preparations and his dream of playing for the Dallas Cowboys.

After some questions to get in the mood, Galloway and Miller started talking about what it would feel like to be drafted by the Cowboys. Here's a partial transcript of the Interview:

Galloway & Co: "How much better are you now as a player compared to this time last year?"

Von Miller: "Last year I was mainly a pass rusher. Coming back for my senior year I played a true outside linebacker position in a 3-4 scheme. My responsibilities this year that I did not have last year were dropping back into pass coverage, man coverage on slot receivers, disguising blitzes and blitzing."

"My responsibilities were off the charts this year, plus I was a team captain. By being a team captain, you've got all these young guys looking at you and you've got to set an example for all the young guys. So I think I matured a lot more as a man and as a football player coming back for my senior year. Plus, I'm only 17 hours away from graduating, so I think I got a lot of positives by coming back for my senior year."

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GAC: At the Combine, did the Cowboys interview you?

Von Miller: "Not at the Combine. I was kind of bummed out that I didn't get an interview from the Cowboys. I kind of hovered around their suite, and whenever they had free time in between college guys, guys they were meeting with, I'd kinda go in there and kinda talk to the scouts and try to pull Coach Garrett aside and Coach Ryan and see if I could get a little session with them. You know, a two minute thing where I could talk to them. I was trying my hardest to meet with all those guys, but they told me they have like a home town day ..."

GAC: ´"Yeah, a local day. That's the reason I asked. I didn't know if they interviewed you there in Indy. But they do have a local day, so you'll get your shot where all the local college players that they want to bring in - that's when they bring them in and talk to them. I do like the fact that you kind of Bell helicoptered, you kind of hovered ..."

[The Cowboys conduct "Dallas Days" for local, draft eligible prospects colleges and high schools within the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area. Von Miller qualifies as a graduate of DeSoto High School, as would graduates of local area high schools such as Southlake Caroll, Plano West, Kimball, Irving, Rowlett, Coppell and others]

Von Miller: "I wanted to be like a little net (?). I wanted to hover around their suite and let them know that I really would appreciate a meeting. But it's all business, and whenever I get my chance with the Cowboys, I'll be well prepared for my opportunity."

GAC: "Tell me this: what's in the water out there in DeSoto? DeSoto turns out a heck of a lot of good and great college football players. You guys have got a good program going out there."

Von Miller: "Yes, sir. It's just the way we play football out there. The program that we come from has been a really good program now for twenty years now. We're not like Southlake Carroll or any of those guys that win state championships even though I feel we should've won a couple by now, but the prospects that we put out are great guys, with great character- it's just the way of life down there in DeSoto."

GAC: "If for some reason you see yourself falling in the draft, seeing yourself going [past] eighth and then the Cowboys are on the clock, what would it mean for you to be drafted by your hometown team?"

Von Miller: "Oh, man ...I always saw myself with a blue star on the side of my helmet. I grew up in Dallas, all my life I've never ever lived anywhere else. So of course I'm a big Cowboys fan. Our game room in my house is fully dedicated to the Cowboys. Roger Staubach to Troy Aikman to Emmitt Smith to Michael Irvin, all those guys. We've got a Ring Of Honor just in our game room at home!"

"It'd be a true blessing. It'd really be a dream come true about playing in the NFL and playing for the team that I always dreamed of playing for. It'd really be a true blessing to go home and play in Dallas and play in [Cowboys] Stadium. It'd be a dream come true, I'd probably pass out, you know."

RG: "We're going to play back that part of this interview for Jerry Jones, it's a guarantee. If you're there at nine when he hears that, Cowboys are taking you, Von."

Von Miller: "I hope so, I hope so."

Listen to the whole interview here.

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