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Friday First Round NFL Mock Draft (Version 1.0)

BTB Mock Draft
BTB Mock Draft

In preparation for Monday's launch of KDP's 10 For 10 Mock Draft Contest, I figured I'd run through the exercise myself as a bit of a warm up. I've tried to lend my best guesses as to how some of the team needs will play out, based on internet reports and good ol' gut instincts.

Now I'm no expert and don't pretend to be. I don't have any inside knowledge of any teams plans, I just try to gather as much opinion as possible and see if I can hit the side of the barn.

When I'm scoring the contest, I'll be sure to include all of the various mocks I've run here at BTB, adding these (hopefully) weekly mocks to the Writers and Community ones. Let's take a look at my Mock Top 10, follow the jump for the entire first round plus some notes on each pick. As always, I prefer to exercise in front of the bay window, so make sure you grade the mock, and use the comments section to let me know what you like or would change.

Draft Pick Team Pick
1 Carolina QB Cam Newton
2 Denver DT Marcel Dareus
3 Buffalo DT Nick Fairley
4 Cincinatti QB Blaine Gabbert
5 Arizona LB Von Miller
6 Cleveland WR AJ Green
7 San Francisco LB Robert Quinn
8 Tennesee CB Patrick Peterson
9 Dallas OT Tyron Smith
10 Washington QB Jake Locker

Draft Pick Team Pick Notes
1 Carolina QB Cam Newton Been reading a lot about how much Carolina likes Newton and a new coach always loves to go get himself a franchise QB.
2 Denver DT Marcel Dareus Tough to see them pass up on this monster of a D lineman.
3 Buffalo DT Nick Fairley Buffalo's combo front could have used Dareus, but Fairley is more than a consolation prize.
4 Cincinatti QB Blaine Gabbert Cincy can't risk missing out on a quarterback, too many teams need one.
5 Arizona LB Von Miller Cards take the impact 3-4 linebacker they need.
6 Cleveland WR AJ Green Cleveland gives McCoy a shiny new toy.
7 San Francisco LB Robert Quinn San Fran takes the impact 3-4 linebacker that they need.
8 Tennesee CB Patrick Peterson Tennessee snaps up Peterson- I'd expect for the Cowboys to offer a pick in this scenario.
9 Dallas OT Tyron Smith Dallas takes the bookend to Doug Free while Romo and Felix do the happy happy joy joy dance.
10 Washington QB Jake Locker DC surprises some folks but takes no chances in giving Shannahan the out of pocket QB he wants. After a 40 for 42 Pro Day, expect the first round grade to return.
11 Houston 34DE Cameron Jordan Houston takes a dominant 3-4 DE to add to Super Mario and Okoye
12 Minnesota DE Da'Quan Bowers Minnesota takes the falling Bowers, who will be a perfect successor to that guy they have.
13 Detroit CB Prince Amukamara Detroit runs to the podium in this scenario.
14 St. Louis WR Julio Jones St. Louis almost beats Detroit to the podium in this scenario.
15 Miami RB Mark Ingram Miami sends Bill Parcells' youth up to the stage here.
16 Jacksonville DE Ryan Kerrigan Del Rio wins one last war room and gets a stud for his front four with this sleeper DE.
17 New England 34DE J.J. Watt New England makes a New England pick, and the world says ugh in disgust.
18 San Diego LB Aldon Smith Sasn Diego hopes to replenish their LB corps and is happy to find Smith.
19 NY Giants OT Anthony Castonzo Giants never expected Castonzo to be here for them.
20 Tampa Bay CB Brandon Harris Aqib Talib mess mandates taking the fast-rising Harris.
21 Kansas City NT Phil Taylor Kansas City reaches a bit for their biggest need, better reach than slot receiver and/or center.
22 Indianapolis DT Corey Liguet Adding Liguet to Freeney and Mathis on that turf is downright scary.
23 Philadelphia CB Jimmy Smith Linked to Philly as often as Tyron Smith is to Dallas, it just fits.
24 New Orleans RB Mikel LeShoure New Orleans wants to give Brees a workhorse and LeShoure can do that there.
25 Seattle QB Ryan Mallet This will probably be Philadelphia's pick when the Hawks get Kolb, but I'll slot a QB.
26 Baltimore OT Gabe Carimi Now wonder Ozzie Newsome has such a reputation, players like Carimi just end up falling to him.
27 Atlanta DE Adrian Clayborn Atlanta gets a steal in Clayborn because it's such a deep draft, fits a huge need.
28 New England OL Mike Pouncey See notes from pick #17… .now say it with me, Ugh.
29 Chicago DT Stephen Paea Chicago selects the strongest young man in the game to replace Tommie Harris.
30 NY Jets NT Muhammad Wilkerson The Phil Taylor consolation prize that fits perfectly into the Ryan multiple look D (hat tip to Chandus)
31 Pittsburgh LB Martez Wilson see notes from pick #28, but substitute Pittsburgh for New England.
32 Green Bay LB Justin Houston The Super Bowl champs round out the draft by getting someone to play opposite Clay Matthews.

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