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BTB Community Mock Draft: Pick #17, The New England Patriots Select...

BTB Mock Draft
BTB Mock Draft

The second half of the BTB Community Mock kicks off with the New England Patriots and the initial of their two first-round picks. Without the ability to trade up and down, Bill Belichick's Force-like ability to manipulate draft picks has been rendered moot. Therefore, we are confident that our assigned GM will do just as good (or bad, depending on your like-level of the Pats) with the opportunity. Let's go down to the podium and see who the selection is.

Draft Pick # 17

Team Name: New England Patriots

GM: fivetwos

Selection: (DE) Cameron Jordan, California

Why the pick:

The Pats waste no time turning in the card for the top player left on their board, Cal DE Cameron Jordan.

The versatile Jordan is well-seasoned in the 34 scheme, having played in a similar system at Cal. He will provide a rare push in the passing game from the five-technique, and can kick inside in a nickel package. Jordan's pass rush skills from a 34 defensive lineman will remind Pats fans of Richard Seymour, who ironically this pick was acquired for.

Jordan was in the discussion of being a top-ten pick after Senior Bowl week, then JJ Watt excelled at the underwear Olympics and somehow usurped Jordan as the top 34 DE in the minds of many of you without a down of football being played. I'm not fooled by combine numbers, and neither are the draft savvy Pats, who are thrilled to see Jordan slip to them.

I briefly considered selecting Derrick Sherrod, my top-rated OT, but since the Pats also hold picks 28 and 33, they are in excellent shape to add some youth to their offensive line at that point.

Follow the jump for analysis of the pick.


(Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images for Under Armour)


HIGH PRIORITY TEAM NEEDS (lower number indicates higher priority) according to

-- Threat Level Red (priority 1-2): 3-4 Defensive End

-- Threat Level Orange (priority 3-4): 3-4 Outside LB, Feature Running Back, Feature Wide Receiver, Guard, Left Tackle, 3-4 Will Middle LB, Cornerback, Right Tackle

-- Threat Level Yellow (priority 5-6): Center, COP Running Back, Slot Receiver, 3-4 Defensive Tackle, 3-4 Sam Middle LB, Free Safety, Strong Safety

-- Threat Level Green (priority 9): Quarterback, Tight End, Possession Receiver


-- ranked #10 Overall, #1 at the position

-- Wes Bunting, National Football Post: #10 Overall, #1 at the position

Impression: Has really taken his game to another level this season, being productive at a number of positions along the defensive line using his combination of power, burst and suddenness to beat blocks and get after the football. Is inconsistent with his hands, but looks like a potential starter as either a three- or five-technique guy at the next level. Looks like a better prospect than Tyson Alualu to me.

-- ranked #13 overall, #1 at the position

-- ranked #13 overall, #2 at the position

-- Mike Mayock ranked #15 overall, #2 at the position

He brings scheme-versatility. I think he's an ideal defensive end in a 3-4, but can kick inside and overwhelm guards too. He can even play out on the edge.

- profile:

Pass rush: Only moderate initial quickness off the snap. Doesn't possess the top-end speed to be more than a marginal pass rusher in the NFL. Relies on his power and technique to pressure the pocket. Has a strong club move and rip and swim moves. Has the hand strength to knock away the initial punch of the pass blocker and often supplies his own punch to drive his opponent into the pocket. Good use of leverage and very good strength for the bull rush. Locates the ball and shows a late burst to close when opportunities are presented. Has long arms but is still developing recognition and timing to get his hands up. Has only five passes broken up in 50 games.

Run defense: Stout run defender. Understands gap responsibilities in the 3-4 defense. Has the long arms to keep defenders away from his chest and the bulk to anchor. Locates the ball quickly and pursues hard. Good balance and appears more agile in run defense forcing the back wide to the sideline than he is as a pass rusher. Good effort in lateral and downfield pursuit.

Explosion: Flashes an explosive initial burst but is inconsistent in this area. Doesn't have the speed or flexibility as an edge rusher to take full advantage of his spotty suddenness, but can shock his opponent when he times the snap correctly. Shows a late burst to close on the ballcarrier, resulting in big collisions. Forced four career fumbles.

Strength: Arguably his greatest asset. Possesses very good upper- and lower-body strength to remain as a five technique defensive end in the 3-4 or a base (left) defensive end for the 4-3 alignment. Comes off the snap low and hard and has the bulk to create a pile. Can drive his opponent into the pocket with his bull rush and slide off to make the tackle when the ballcarrier is near.

Tackling: Good strength for the drag-down tackle. Will lower his shoulder and bring his hips for the big collision. Strong enough that he can slip off blockers and find the ball. Doesn't have great balance or flexibility to break down in the open field to tackle elusive ballcarriers but his long arms and good hand-eye coordination help him to at least trip up the target.



Draft Pick Team 2010 Record Assigned GM Team Needs Selection
1 Carolina (2-14) Alexcomestokill 4-3 DT, 4-3 DE, WR1, WR2, WR3, CB AJ Green
2 Denver (4-12) Sean N 4-3 DT, 4-3 DE, FS, SS, 4-3 OLB, 4-3 ILB, TE, ROT Nick Fairley
3 Buffalo (4-12) BTB Everything except RB and WR, Kitchen Sink Marcel Dareus
4 Cincinatti (4-12) staubachfan QB, 4-3 DT, WR, 4-3 DE, FS, 4-3 MLB, OG, OC Patrick Peterson
5 Arizona (5-11) howboutdemcowboyz QB, 3-4 OLB, CB, OG, LOT Cam Newton
6 Cleveland (5-11) BlueEyedDevil 4-3 DE, 4-3 OLB, 4-3 MLB, WR, FS, CB Robert Quinn
7 San Francisco (6-10) regaberto 3-4 DT, 3-4 OLB, CB, OC, QB Von Miller
8 Tennesee (6-10) accidentalinnuendo QB, CB, 4-3 DE, 4-3 OLB, 4-3 MLB Da'Quan Bowers
9 Dallas (6-10) ChiaCrack ROT, FS, OG, SS, CB, SILB, WILB, 3-4 DE, 3-4 OLB Tyron Smith
10 Washington (6-10) Creasy729 QB,RB, WR, OG, OC, 3-4DT, 3-4 OLB, FS, CB Blaine Gabbert
11 Houston (6-10) I am Ironman! 3-4 DE, 3-4 DT, 3-4 OLB, FS, CB Prince Amukamara
12 Minnesota (6-10) KJDH2154 QB, WR, 4-3 DT, 4-3 DE, FS, LOT, OG, Jake Locker
13 Detroit (6-10) DIRE WOLF CB, 4-3 OLB, MLB, ROT, OG, WR Anthony Castonzo
14 St. Louis (7-9) Squishmytomato WR, 4-3 DR, 4-3 OLB, 4-3 DE, FS, CB, OG, OC, SS Julio Jones
15 Miami (7-9) iCoach QB, 3-4 OLB, SS, OC, OG, 3-4 MLB, RB, WR Mark Ingram
16 Jacksonville (8-8) gogokroz 4-3 DE, 4-3 MLB, CB, QB, WR, OG, Aldon Smith
17 New England (14-2) fivetwos 3-4 DE, 3-4 OLB, CB, RB, WR, OG, OT Cameron Jordan

Up next, salas88 and the San Diego Chargers, please email your pick to me at

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