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KDP's 10 For 10: 2011 Mock Draft Contest Kickoff


Who doesn't love a contest? Well, for draftniks and prognosticators, here is your chance to show the world you are better than the experts. BTB presents KDP's 10 For 10 Mock Draft Contest. You'll need to be tuned in to the team needs and player prospects in order to succeed here. Think you know who the movers and shakers are going to be? You'll reap the rewards by earning the maximum point value for that selection, gaining extra points over those that choose to play it safe. Get it wrong though, and fall behind the curve. There are going to be many strategies employed in vying for the top spot. Follow the jump to take a look at how the contest will work.

-- This is NOT the post to submit your entry. That post will go up Tuesday, April 26th, two days before the first round commences. You will have until 6pm Eastern Thursday April 28th to submit your entries. The post will be full of links to help assist you in knowing the team needs and big boards, but feel free to start your research early. Trust me, if you haven't done a mock it can be harder than it looks- but it is a fun experience.

-- [UPDATE] You will pick the first 10 selections of the first round.

-- Your picks must be in the proper format. They cannot be a 'reply' to someone else's post. You will be allowed one 'correction' reply to your post, that also has to be submitted before the deadline. Any entry that doesn't follow the rules will not be scored. It's not trying to be strict or anything, it's just a lot of work scoring contests.

-- You are allowed to make trades, though you do need to explain the transaction. If you want to, please explain the trades ONLY in a reply to the entry.

-- The top 5 scoring drafts will be featured in the results post.

-- I'm going to ask for some help from the community. Obviously there will be lots of other things to cover for the site than the contest, so in the interest of expediency, if you have the time, score your own drafts. I will definitely get to them all, so if you don't have the chance, don't worry.


Subject Line: (Optional)

#1: Carolina, QB, Cam Newton

#2: Denver, DE, Marcel Dareus

#3: etc., etc.


2 point for correct team in slot
1 point for correct position picked
2 points for correct player picked


Pick # Team Position Selection Actual Pick
#1 Carolina QB Cam Newton Carolina, QB Cam Newton
Points 2 1 2 5 Total Points
#2 Denver DL Marcel Dareus Denver, DL Nick Fairley
Points 2 1 0 3 Total Points
#3 Buffalo QB Blaine Gabbert Buffalo, CB Patrick Peterson
Points 2 0 0 2 Total Point
#4 Cincinatti WR AJ Green Cincy, WR AJ Green
Points 2 1 2 5 Total Points
#5 Washington QB Jake Locker Washington, QB Blaine Gabbert
Points 2 1 0 3 Total Points
#6 Dallas LB Von Miller Cleveland, LB Von Miller
Points 0 1 2 3 Total Points


Feel free to use this post to ask any questions about the rules or the scoring.




Position definitions:

DL includes 3-4 DE, 4-3 DT, 4-3 DE, 3-4 NT
LB includes 4-3 MLB, 3-4 Sam and Will MLB, 3-4 OLB, 4-3 DEs going to 3-4 teams (ie Robert Quinn to San Francisco)
OL includes all positions, tackle guard and center


CBs and Safeties are seperated, so if you think Aaron Williams is getting drafted to play safety, say so. If a true safety is picked instead, you’ll get the position points. If a true corner is selected, you won’t get the points.

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