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Cowboys Free Agency Attack Plan May Be Revealed Through The Draft

Let's not fool ourselves. I'd wager it's a safe bet that the various coaching staffs around the league, especially the new regimes, have gauged the interest of at least one or two potential free agents. With the ultra-unique scenario of no free agency before the draft, things are different this season. Since the mid-90's, teams have used the draft to fill out their roster after addressing needs with proven veterans.

It would make sense that in this uncertain time coaches feel caught somewhat in the middle, they are stuck trying create the best plan so they can compete for the Lombardi. Don't you think it's likely that someone who knows Rob Ryan knows someone else that's able to relay Michael Huff's interest in joining Dallas? Couldn't someone that speaks with Mike Woicik get word to someone familiar with Logan Mankins of how well he might fit in in Big D?


There are dozens of scenarios that could play out, and I'm anxious to see how it does. It's likely that Dallas may come out of the draft without addressing every need with a firm eye towards the free agents they intend to sign. Obviously my preference is to trade down, as I outlined here in a seven-round mock with trades. Don't rule out the trade up for an elite prospect under the thought process of multiple holes that need filling. Dallas could just as easily leave this draft with only two upper picks and some late round prospects.

Could Jerry Jones seemingly being the 'king of kings' play a part? You'd have to think the owners would have projections about how they will conduct business, even under the worst case scenario of a lopsided players win. What kind of business model does Jerry foresee for the NFL and his Cowboys? Will spending be easier or more strict? If Jerry shows high regard for multiple picks, maybe that's a sign that the four and five year veterans will remain restricted.

Again, there are so many scenarios. What do you think we'll be looking at after the draft dust settles?

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