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2011 NFL Draft Rumors: Conclusion Jumping To Cowboys Trade Up For Von Miller

- The Cleveland Browns seem to be very serious about trading out of the number six spot, according to this report. Cleveland Plain Dealer's Tony Grossi hints that the Houston Texans are the interested party, pending Von Miller or Patrick Peterson being on the board. That would seem to hinge mostly on either Blaine Gabbert or AJ Green going top 5.

In yesterday's presser, owner Jerry Jones said that he believed that a quick turnaround isn't out of the question. He relayed a story of his college team at Arkansas. His junior year, the team was predicted to compete for a championship but went 5-5. He said they got one player, turned it around and went to an undefeteated national championship. Me reading Jerry speak sees him saying that there is a guy he thinks he can make a splash with and get. It can't be one of the four prospects they are targeting at 9 should that player not be within reach. I'm just seeing a trade up materializing here, Von Miller or Patrick Peterson. We definitely can offer a better package than Houston can.

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I'm an advocate for trading back and gathering picks, but nothing in sports is more alluring than the bold stab at greatness. Well, that and the Cowboys cheerleaders. I'm starting to catch the bug that I'm sure is itching Jerry Jones right now. Plus. how can you not start to root for someone that says this when asked where he wants to go in Thursday's draft:

"Cowboys, Cowboys, Cowboys," the former Texas A&M linebacker said before I could even finish the question. "Yes, yes."


I'm wary of BG or AJ going top five though, but we shall see. I'll be the first to ask. Does Mike Holmgren take the #9 pick, Anthony Spencer and a mid rounder?

-- Mocking The Draft writer BigBlueShoe is at the draft and caught up with Von Miller. Here are some juicy nuggets.

  • Von Miller said he was in the courtroom when the decision on the Brady v. NFL case was read. Said the decision gave him 'goosebumps.' Miller is the only rookie named as a plaintiff in the case.
  • Miller said he wouldn't be disappointed if he's not draft in the top five as long as the Dallas Cowboys took him at No. 9. However, if the Cowboys pass on him, he hopes the Redskins take him at No. 10 so he can 'beat up on' the Cowboys twice a year for passing on him.
  • When Miller was asked about he and the other prospects meeting with Commissioner Goodell early in the morning, the subject of the lawsuit was brought up. Miller gave no details. He said there was 'no need to breakdown and lecture about it' with the Commissioner.
  • Miller said he felt 'great' when he heard Nelson's decision. 'I've never been in a courtroom. I've never ever sued anyone. It's all brand new to me. And it was great to get the injunction. Now, we just have to keep working on the mediation.'
  • For Miller, being in the courtroom was 'extremely nerve-racking.' Miller stated that Mike Vrabel and Vincent Jackson were two players that helped 'explain' the events happening in the courtroom.

-- Along the lines of what it would take for Miller to drop some, this nugget is working against it. NFL'com's Jason LaConfora is pretty convinced neither Cincinnati nor Arizona will grab Blaine Gabbert.

-- LaConfora also thinks that Atlanta is still trying to figure out a way to get to AJ Green or Julio Jones.

-- Shawn Zobel's What I'm Hearing 4/27 AM Version. Must read, for reasons see below. Of note in this weeks edition:

Denver – As mentioned on this site, it’s likely down to Patrick Peterson and Nick Fairley, with Peterson being the favorite.

Cleveland – Fielding a lot of calls to trade down. Teams want to jump in front of San Francisco and Tennessee to secure a quarterback.

Washington – I’ve been saying for two weeks that trading up is a possibility, and I still strongly believe that it is. They’re targeting Jake Locker, like many others are right now.

-- PFT says that McShay and Mayock both forsee a huge fall for Clemson DE Da'Quan Bowers, possibly all the way out of the top 20.

--'s Jason LaConfora reports that Pittsburgh is planning to do everything within reason to snag Florida's Mike Pouncey, twin brother of the Steeler's Maurkice.

-- Ed Bouchette of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette says that the rumors the Steelers will do anything to get their hands on Mike Pouncey are not true.

We have some action in the Top 10, I'm told. Atlanta, seeking explosive outside threat, trying to get way up for Green/Julio. Unlikely, tho.less than a minute ago via Twitter for BlackBerry® Favorite Retweet Reply

-- LaConfora also has word of the Redskins trying to work a trade to get the #2 pick to select Blaine Gabbert. Tough sell, as anybody the Broncos are targeting would be gone by 10. This has been mentioned for over a month by Shawn Zobel of

-- Taxans's GM Rick Smith confirms the team is trying to move up should Von Miller or Patrick Peterson fall within striking distance. [Houston Chronicle] Also been reported for a while by Shawn Zobel.

-- If the Rams stay put, they look to be targeting DT Corey Liguet of Illinois. []

-- Justin Houston's stock appeared to be slipping before the drug use revelation. Now he appears to be third or fourth round material. [Rob Rang,]

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