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NFL Draft 2011 (News): Notes From Bill Parcells Draft Confidential

Here are my loose notes as I watched the special. I cheated and DVR'd it, so I could watch it fresh today. Hat tip to BTB member DannyWhite, who already has most of Parcell's Big Board documented here.

Difference between top 10 and other picks

A top ten pick shouldn't just go to any player. If you're talking about defensive players, it should go somewhere that can impact the game quickly... a pressure player... or a cornerback. Offensively, I'd probably be confined, other than the offensive tackle, which is a position that you have a lot of success, and less margin for error... because you see a lot of success, and less margin for error because you see these tackles play every play in college against every situation, so the draft record on tackles is a lot better than it is on other positions. That being said, any skill position (save tight end).

You violate the principle for a rare, out the box immediate pro-bowler at another position.

Much more below...

Building a draft board

The last 10 years, the average number of defensive linemen taken in the first round is 6.6 He has 10 players with 1st round grades on the D-line.

He doesn't see a can't miss prospect at quarterback, but is very high on Cam Newton. Some of them have attributes that are going to allow them to flourish with the right system, support. etc.

Then there are some players where the wrong team takes them, the wrong environment, the wrong dynamic and their career goes south. When we go over the history at this position (QB) it's not an exact science.

91% of guys drafted are from Div 1A Schools. 27 schools in the last 10 years have produced 52% of the draft picks.

PLAYER TYPING: (letter grades assigned to prospects to give you a quick visual mental image about a player)

A - Dominant and Impact Player

B - Impact player

C - Impact player/undersized

D - Consistent Player

E Non-competitive Player

F Lacks Speed

G Undersized Player

H Projection

I Size and Speed

J Growth Potential/Weight

K Redeeming Quality

-- He thinks Prince Amukamara has short arms for a corner, even though he is his top rated corner.

position height weight speed hand arm
4-3 DE 6.4.3 279 4.82 9.7 33
3-4 DE 6.4.2 291 4.93 10 32.7
4-3 Rush DE 6.3.5 366 4.7 9.6 33.1
4-3 DT 6.3.0 302 4.98 9.7 33
3-4 OLB 6.3.3 256 4.65 9.6 33.1
3-4 ILB 6.1.5 240 4.71 9.5 32.1
3-4 NT 6.2.2 316 5.07 10 32.5
4-3 LB 6.1.2 239 4.69 9.4 31.6
SAM LB 6.2.3 243 4.65 9.5 32.4
Corner 5.11.2 193 4.47 9 31.1
SS 6.0.2 207 4.51 9.2 31.4
FS 6.0.1 204 4.52 9.2 31.4

BP's QB Criteria

1 - Must be a 3 year starter

2 - Must Start 30 games

3 - Must Win 23 games

4 - Must have 2:1 TD to INT Ratio

5 - Must Complete 60% of Passes

6 - Must be a senior

7 - Must graduate

Can't live off this list, accuracy is very important. Newton is running a single wing, Gabbert is running a spread offense (4 wide). Locker and Ponder are more pro offenses. Dalton is very small. A good pro coach starts with the concepts that the quarterback is familiar with.

re: Pat White

"That was my mistake. we were caught up in the Wildcat, and we see a guy that looks like he's gonna have the attributes that allow us to expand...We violated a principle, and when you do that invariably and stands up and bites you."

re: QB evaluation

Until he's being booed. He threw 3 or 4 interceptions. He got his nose broken. And the fans are booing him, the press is on his butt, the coaches are looking at him sideways the players are looking at him sideways and now it's Wednesday and he's got to get back in that huddle. He was the reason you lost last week, he's gotta get back in the huddle and prove he can lead the team. And until you see that, you're never gonna know. Because some of these kids have had success, success, success, everywhere they've been. Now they come to pro football and bam. And they cant deal with it. This is happening to me? This shouldn't be happening to me! Don't they know what I've done? But it's not happening, and unless they can deal with that mentally, like I just said, they're probably not going to be a very good quarterback.

Running Back is the only position BP can think of that doesn't have a prototypical body type. You have to take this position and go by production only. If they gain yard, you better look at them. They have to have good vision and instincts, they have to have ball security, instincts. If they are elusive, that's a plus.  How many runs over 20, over 30, over 40 *mentions Chris Johnson* Then, are they durable.  They have a short life, the elusiveness acts as a preserver (allows them to last longer)

Draft Room:

Generally it's calm, but it can get hectic if you're close to the clock and trades start coming in. Two cards for each player, one goes on the 'sequence' board. The other goes on the team board, so you can track other team's needs and project future round's picks. The player cards in the draft room include height weight speed, test scores, and any notes and red flags.  DNF= Does Not Fit, NFU= Not For Us, In the Box= We're not taking him under any circumstances. PFA=priority free agent, anyone from your draft board that doesn't get drafted.

3-4 draft prospects and his board:

The tackles are simplest. Phil Taylor is the sure thing nose tackle. The DE's Hayward and Jordan are 3-4 DE's (they seemed to edit out a lot of stuff here) Some of the players aren't the same when you ask them to go backwards. He doesn't see Lawrence Taylor. You can see a lot of early picks in the defensive front seven.

Target players: Ryan Kerrigan in a long line of run stuffing pass rushers from Purdue. Casey Matthews, instant cover linebacker. Small school, Southern Arkansas Sedrick Thornton, DT. (profile). He likes Ryan Williams Va Tech RB, Ricardo Lockett from Ft Valley State, WR.

Advice on draft.

You have to go back to the basics, you have to remember how does this particular player play in pads, on the football field, under top game conditions. It's not how does he run the three cone drill, or 40-yard dash vertical jump... that's not what we're doing here. We're drafting  players who play football in pads on the football field. That's what we're doing here.

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