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Mike Mayock Mock: OT Tyron Smith To The Cowboys

Your mission: protect Tony Romo.
Your mission: protect Tony Romo.

The NFL Network's Mike Mayock, probably the best NFL draft analyst in the business along with the DMN's Rick Gosselin, sends Tyron Smith to the Cowboys in his first and only mock draft:

I think the Cowboys would like to trade down here, but this kid is talented. Dallas can plug him in at right tackle, and he upgrades the youth and athleticism of the offensive line.

When Joe Draftnik says Smith could be the Cowboys pick, I don't usually give that opinion a lot of weight, and frankly, I think most of the draftniks are just copying what other draftniks are doing anyway. But when Mike Mayock says Smith could be the Cowboys' pick, I listen up.

At the same time, Rick Gosselin is also mocking Tyron Smith to the Cowboys in his final mock draft published today. When the two best guys in the business agree on who the Cowboys will pick, that could be taken as a pretty good indicator of what will happen tonight. That is, unless the Cowboys don't pick at No. 9.

Mayock expects there to be more trades this year than people have seen in the history of the NFL draft. And I would be very surprised if Jerry Jones will not be part of that. This is going to be one highly entertaining evening folks. 

Less than 12 hours away from the draft and nobody has a good read on the Cowboys yet. Beautiful.

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