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2011 NFL Draft Picks: Cowboys Select OT Tyron Smith At #9, What That Means For Dallas

The Cowboys stuck with what everyone expected and grabbed the top offensive tackle in the draft with pick #9. Dallas has selected USC OT Tyron Smith, a move widely expected. Current Cowboys right tackle Marc Colombo had a very poor year in 2010 and might be in decline. Injuries and age are catching up, so the Cowboys could no longer trust him to be their only option at RT. The health of Tony Romo is paramount to the Cowboys hopes in 2011.

Dallas has long ignored the offensive line when drafting in the first round, but in 2011 that was no longer an option. Dallas has an aging offensive line except for LT Doug Free, Tyron Smith is an investment in the furute and an effort to infuse some youth along the front.

Smith is an athletic but somewhat raw tackle, and is generally considered the most-talented tackle in the draft with the biggest upside.

Read more about Tyron Smith here. A brief snippet:

Not all scouts think Smith is the best OT in the draft right now--but all agree he will be three years from now. Bunting claims that Tyron Smith is twice the prospect that Jason Smith was--and the Baylor product went # 2 to the Rams in the 2009 draft. In T. Smith and the number nine slot, there is a happy wedding of ability and need.

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