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NFL 2011 Draft Pick: Talkin' Tyron Smith

Just a quick sampler of what Tyron Smith had to say after being drafted by the Cowboys, and what some others had to say. Links to articles for the quotes and more, here and here.

On if there's an NFL player he tries to emulate:

Smith: "Basically like (New York Jets offensive lineman) D'Brickashaw Ferguson. I'm similar to him, body size, when he came out. I watched a lot of film on his style and learned from watching him. And watched a lot of Sam Baker from the (Atlanta) Falcons and learned a lot from him. What I've been doing lately is watching these guys."


Jerry Jones on Smith: "He's very athletic, and if we were going to go that high on an offensive lineman then I got comfortable that he was unique enough in his skills and can get better."
What Smith thinks his potential is:

Smith: "I think I have the potential to be a Pro Bowler and be a Hall of Famer."
On Smith's work ethic:

The Cowboys received rave reviews about his work ethic, and that's why Smith believes he can be great - because he's never settled for simply being good.

"It's not confidence," Smith said of his lofty goals. "It's just going to be a lot of hard work to get to that spot. And I feel confident about my hard work."
Jerry Jones on the 'wow' factor:

"A Heisman Trophy winner is a "wow" factor, so to speak," Jones said. "But I think our fans are sophisticated enough to know how important a really talented offensive lineman can be. And I think we've got one here."
And as KD posted yesterday, is he a left or right tackle?

Smith: "They want me to play left, but wherever they want me to play will be good for me."

From the motehrship:

Smith projects as a potential left tackle, but the Cowboys say they haven't picked a side for him yet. They want to evaluate him first, and Free - potentially an unrestricted free agent at the start of the new league year and the team's top offseason priority - did adequately man the left side in his first full season as a starter.
Hudson Houck on Smith: (from ESPN Dallas)

"The guy is going to be a great run blocker and a great pass protector," offensive line coach Hudson Houck said. "As everybody has stated before, we’re getting a little older in the offensive line and this guy gives us some opportunity and he’s a very young guy. It gives us an opportunity to be a better run team and a better pass protection team, and we’re excited about the guy."

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