Stop and think, for just a minute

Everyone (well the majority) is mad about taking Demarco Murray at 71 and I understand. Personally I feel it was a bit of a reach myself. I want to get one thing clear though...I am not mad at all, disappointed that we didn't go in another direction and get him in the 4th but check this...


Imagine this kid and felix on the field with Dez and Miles...greatest show on turf part 2. 

Now I see a lot of talk about this being Jerry's pick and so on and so forth, but I don't think so...I don't know, but I got a feeling on this one.  I think this has JG ALL OVER IT. He is an offensive genius. We may have run a lotta plays on offense that made us seem not so genius like, but that was due to the o-line. RHG has a vision he knows what he wants out of this offense and Murray is the perfect fit for his run n gun style of attack.  this may be why we didn't trade down and take Castnzo, Carimi or any of the other tackles in round 1, JG doesn't need strictly bulldozers. Remember Doug Free blocking downfield for Felix the Cat? That's Garrett's vision. Now think about it, is it getting clearer? Two very athletic downfield blocking tackles who get to the 2nd level. Two explosive running backs, picture the screens and swing passes, all the runs off tackles, pitches, reverses...behind Free on one side and Smith on the other. I'm excited and I bet the feelings on this board change toward this pick by week 7 or 8. Plus we can give him return duties, if that's the Boys plan anyway. Imagine we fix the interior of the line, be it internally (they may see something in someone already on the roster) or through free agency. Dez "88 n Proud" Bryant on one side, Miles "to Go" Austin on the other, Murray who is noted to have exceptional hands and breakaway spead in the slot and Felix 'da Cat" Jones in the backfield with the same hands and speed, and the ever reliable J Witt roaming as he does best, with two of the more athletic tackles in the league on the line that's a league leading offense. We finished top 10 offense last year with a horrendous line and kitna for 8 games. if we fix the line, keep Romo healthy and line up these guys, we'll be making post by midseason taking polls to figure a good nickname for this dynamic offense.



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