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Mike Pouncey Thinks He'll Be A Cowboy Soon


Florida C/G Mike Pouncey visited with the Cowboys yesterday, and from his tweet above, thinks that he'll be a Cowboy next year. In the second part of his tweet, Pouncey wrote: "To all the steelers fans i would love to be playing for the steelers and if i had a choice i would but it isnt my choice...."

This is interesting for a couple of reasons. First, it appears that the Cowboys did an awesome job in convincing Pouncey that they are really interested in him - even if they may not be. Second, if the Cowboys really are targeting Pouncey, Jerry Jones is likely to pull a couple slick moves come draft day.

Last week we looked at where Pouncey was projected to be taken by 25 mock drafts: a few mocks see Pouncey going to Miami at No. 15, but most see interest for Pouncey picking up with the Patriots at No. 17 and peaking with the Giants at No. 19. This would mean the Cowboys are seriously contemplating trading down in the first round.

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