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Cowboys FanPost Of The Week: Small-School; Big Game

This week's issue of the much-acclaimed FanPost of the Week is, sadly a day late; I hope it will prove not to be a dollar short. BTB's pages have been packed of late with myriad mocks, looks at the top players, trade-down scenarios and the like. So, when somebody offers a list of their pet cats, it has to be pretty special to distinguish itself from the crowd. In reviewing the FanPosts that have newly graced our pages in the past seven days--packed with exceeding excellence--one such post nevertheless stood out.

I'm pleased to say that its from a consistent and fervent contributor to the site--a man who, a little less than a year ago, famously changed his moniker. Yes, ladies and germs, I'm talking about your pal and mine, Lissyyyy! Indeed, it has been almost a year since the former Quincyyyy, hyped to the extreme that the Cowboys selected Sean Lissimore, one of the small-school guys he had been vociferously promoting, changed his name to Lissyyyy, thus making Internet history.

Check out his post below...

Now, a year later, he has gifted us with another set of players who come in a step below the under-the-radar guys: the guys from schools so small that we have never heard of them (the schools), with team nicknames that boggle the mind (what is an "Oredigger"? Where might one find such a creature?). Its pretty easy to become a draftnik who can bloviate knowledgeably about the top 100 players in the draft (I should know, this described me with discomfiting accuracy). Lissyyyy, however, distinguishes himself: no draft book features these names; you won't hear these players uttered from between Mike Mayock's lips. No, indeed.

This list is the result of cold, hard research. In the comments section, he modestly claims to "just keep my ear to the ground and good ole detective work." I suspect its a bit more laborious and complex than all that. If you doubt this, take a look at some of the names on his list (here) and tell me honestly whether you have ever heard of them:

  • DE/OLB Keith Darbut
  • DE/OLB Marc Schiechl
  • OG/NT Leslie Michael Jasper (who is a biiiig man, BTW)
  • WR Demario Ballard

That's right, I didn't think so. But read Lissyyyy's terrific post, and you will. And keep these names near you on draft weekend. One of these guys might just show up in the seventh round. And that would be a beautiful thing; Lissyyy has promised to change his moniker again should he hit for the second year in a row.

That's worth rooting for, in my book...

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