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Dallas Cowboys Highlight Videos: Tony Romo And Jason Witten

After first taking a look at the wide receivers, then the running backs, followed by the defensive front seven, we've been able to entertain ourselves through the doldrums of the lockout. It's time now to look at the two staples of the Cowboys offense, Tony Romo and Jason Witten. The close friends were born out of the Parcells era, survived the Wade Phillips regime and now look to take Jason Garrett's ball club to new heights in 2011 and beyond. First though, let's take a walk down memory lane.

As is customary, I'll apologize in advance to all the mobile viewers if the videos mess with your experience. I'll put them all after the jump and maybe you can view once you get in front of a computer. Cheers!

You have two musical choices for the same highlight package here, Tony Romo through the 2008 season. First one- heavy metal, second one hip-hip (NSFWK).

Heavy Metal

Hip Hop (NSFWK)



Tony Romo 2009 Highlights


Jason Witten Highlights


And to end the post, let's relive the play that will most likely be Witten's signature for decades to come, The Lost Helmet.

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