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Should The Cowboys Keep Marc Colombo, Just In Case?

NEW Madden 2012 Commercial - Forward to 0:50-0:52 seconds!! - hours ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply

Most of us were busy with the draft last night, so we almost missed the tweet above by Cowboys right tackle Marc Colombo. Colombo draws our attention to an EA Sports webpage with early footage from the Madden 12 video game.

At about the 50 second mark of the video, we first see Dez Bryant celebrating a touchdown in the endzone. Then the camera pans to a scene featuring none other than trusty No. 75, Marc Colombo himself, in action against the Eagles. In the short sequence, Colombo goes up against the Eagles No. 22, Asante Samuel, and flattens the physically overmatched corner with a nasty, nasty block.

Which brings up an interesting point. With Tyron Smith now a Cowboy, many observers are assuming that Colombo will be released shortly. Would that really be such a wise move? The last tackle we released because "he was done" ended up playing in the Super Bowl for the Steelers. So what say ye? Release Colombo, or keep him on at least in a backup/insurance role, if for no other reason than to possibly see that block on Asante Samuel play out in real life? Screenshots after the break.




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