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One In Five Americans Less Likely To Watch NFL If Lockout Delays Season

Harris Interactive and AdWeek ran a poll recently asking Americans the following question: "There is some talk that the upcoming NFL season may be delayed because the current labor lockout will continue. If this happens, how much more or less likely, if at all, will you be to watch football when the season begins?

The poll was conducted online within the United States between April 25 and 27, 2011 among 2,124 adults.

Two thirds of the respondents answered that they will not be any more or less likely to watch (67%) football in case of a lockout delay, but one in five respondents said they will be less likely to watch (19%) with 11% much less likely. More findings after the break.

Additional results of the poll:

  • The older a person is the more likely they are to stop watching the NFL in case of a lockout – 12% of those 18-34 years old say they'd stop, compared to about one in five of those 35-44 (19%) and 45-55 (18%), and 25% of those 55 years and older.
  • Men are somewhat are more likely to not watch when football returns (22% vs. 16%)
  • There isn't a lot of difference between genders or age groups (and very few people overall) who say they are more likely to watch football when the season begins after a lockout - between just 3% and 5% of all age groups and both genders say this.
  • Below is the exact split of the responses:
Base: 2,124 adults
(aged 18 and over).
Much more likely Somewhat more likely Somewhat less likely Much more likely Much less likely Not sure
How much more or less likely, if at all, will you be to watch football when the season begins? 2% 2% 67% 8% 11% 10%

Blogging The Boys caters to the hardcore football fan, and you are one of them. Otherwise, you wouldn't be reading this. What would you answer if somebody asked you the same question Harris Interactive asked a sample of representative Americans?

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