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ESPN's New NFC East Blogger Ranks Tony Romo Second Best QB In The East

ESPN took their own sweet time replacing Matt Mosley as their NFC East blogger. Mosley is now writing for and after a three month period in which it felt like every second article on the NFC East blog was a link dump, Dan Graziano took up residence in the East.

And Graziano wastes little time in stirring up some discussion and generating traffic by proposing an NFC East quarterback ranking in his third day on the job.

Graziano has Michael Vick as number one, Tony Romo second and Eli Manning third, followed by some other dudes on the Redskins and Eagles rosters. By Graziano's own accounts, the Giants fans were predictably up in arms about the selection:

Well, the Giants fans didn't love this. The first complaint was that Eli Manning wasn't ranked No. 1, since he's the one with the Super Bowl ring. [...] But most of the complaints were about the order of the next two guys on the list. Basically, it appears as if Giants fans believe Manning should be ahead of Tony Romo because Manning won a Super Bowl three years ago and Romo (a) likes to vacation in Cabo and (b) once fumbled a field goal snap at the end of a playoff game.  

Not surprisingly, many Cowboys fans also believe that ranking Eli Manning third in the division is very unfair.

To Rex Grossman.

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