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Dez Bryant Is Regular Participant At Cowboys Workouts

Financially challenged Cowboys WR Dez Bryant is concentrating on doing what he does best, and that's playing football. 

According to ESPN's Calvin Watkins, Dez Bryant hasn't missed a workout with his teammates except for the first one. Of course, missing that first one caused a media solid-waste-atmospheric-disturbance at the time.

It is quite ironic then that since missing that first workout on May 4 due to family issues, nobody - until Watkins today - felt it was newsworthy to report that Bryant has been a regular participant at these workouts.

Watkins quotes David Wells, Bryant's adviser, who says Bryant has been to 10 consecutive workouts. Wells also has some good news for Cowboys fans:

"The kid is working hard at his game," David Wells said of Dez Bryant. "He's in better shape this year than last year. A lot stronger."

Of course, the Dez situation is such that when he actually makes 10 workouts in a row, it is news. But you know what? Baby steps, my friends, baby steps.

Or as Jason Garret is wont to say on occasion: "What we need to do is focus on today. Be good today. Put good days together to give ourselves a chance. We’re going to focus a lot on the process here. Do things the right way, and hopefully the results will take care of themselves"

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