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Dallas Cowboys Tidbits: Week In Review May 22nd-27th

Let's take a trip around the web to catch everyone up on the news from a decidedly Cowboys perspective.


-- In case you haven't been paying attention, our star quarterback is getting himself an old lady this weekend. I like to think of myself as more original than using the hitch pattern analogy. The only thing from this proceeding that will even slightly interest me is if someone calls an audible at the last minute. But for those that like this sort of thing, DMN brings you inside coverage to the Cowboys Royal Wedding.

-- All this time we thought that it was son Stephen that had owner Jerry Jones' ear, helping him realize the error of his GM ways. Well it looks like Stephen's sister, Charlotte Jones Anderson, is the one that has always been able to sway their father's mindsets. has a great read on who they call the most powerful woman in the NFL.

More below...


-- Last week, Cowboys legend Roger Staubach voiced his support of Tony Romo's ability to lead this team to a championship. with a story of Romo's appreciation for the vote of confidence.

-- The Mothership checks in with a look at RG Leonard Davis.

-- The Cowboys are in need of a safety valve or two for the defensive backfield. Pro Football Weekly quotes the infamous 'source' that says Rob Ryan has owner Jerry Jone's ear and the owner will do what it takes to get Ryan's preferred solution in the fold for Dallas.


-- Our own O.C.C. posted the news that Dez Bryant has attended every player-led workout since missing the first one with an announced excused absence. Take that.

-- Looking to get something for the old man for Father's Day? Yahoo Sports brings their take on the top ten Cowboys related gifts. I'm thinking of buying something for my pops from the list. He's a Redskins fan so it should work out just great.

-- Our 'Where Did That Guy Come From?' series continues with a look at Stephen Bowen and the players along the Cowboys defensive line.

-- The NFL Spring Meeting came and went this week with the announcement of the cancellation of the Rookie Symposium as well as the final formation of the new rule changes in regards to two-hand touch hitting players. [BTB]


-- O.C.C. again checks in with an analysis of which teams were simply lucky and unlucky in their drive towards their final 2010 records. [BTB]

-- ESPN's offseason power rankings is in full swing. Cowboys superstar DeMarcus Ware was named the best defensive player in the NFC, second best overall to Pittsburgh's curly haired Troy Polamalu. If DeMarcus had hair like that, I bet he'd have been in first place, considering he actually plays all the time.


-- Charean Williams of the Ft. Worth Star Telegram brings the latest update that no rookies have attended Tony Romo's workouts as of yet. Hopefully that changes after the wedding.

--'s Greg Rosenthal gives his take on five moves Dallas needs to take in order to restore the luster to the star.

-- A look at how the lockout affects third string QB Stephen McGee. []

-- Any die hard Cowboys fan with a couple million to toss around should be interested in this. Troy Aikmans mansion has a lowered price, and you can save a cool $3 million now. The new price is $24m. Let me check my wallet, I always thought about moving to Big D. I got the $24, who's got the million part? []

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