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Orlando Scandrick An Option At Free Safety For Cowboys?

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Cowboys cornerback Orlando Scandrick tweeted yesterday that he had significantly bulked up over the last two months. The mothership currently lists Scandrick at 194 pounds. Those ten pounds of muscle would bring him up to 204 pounds. If Scandrick was able to maintain his blazing 40-time of 4.32 with the added weight, that could lead to some interesting possibilities.

Scandrick is a willing hitter and is the only defensive back on the Cowboys roster to rush the passer with any type of regularity last season. At the very least, a bulked up Scandrick will be an asset in a Rob Ryan defense, as Ryan frequently asks his defensive backs to rush the passer.

Also, at that size, and with his speed intact, the 3-year veteran could be an interesting candidate for the free safety position.Granted, moving a CB to FS did not prove to be the best of ideas last year, but should that failed experiment preclude at least considering Scandrick as an option at free safety?

[Update, May 4, 2011 2:00 AM EDT: Scandrick sets the record straight]

Responding to the various reports out there about his weight gain, Scandrick tweeted that "i lost weight during the year as most players do i finished the season weighing about 187 lbs". He also put to rest any notions of playing safety: "im not a safety im 196 lbs".

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