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Being Sociable: Following The New Cowboys On Twitter

As today's NFL headlines and BTB stories suggest, the player of today is capable of reaching out to the public whenever they see fit. Not only are news media more ready than ever to grab a quote and put it in the next day's paper, but these things often circulate the web long before the ink dries. News sites, blogs and such snap up these opportunities. The players themselves, are now able to speak directly to the fans via social media such as Facebook and Twitter. You can gain a lot of insight into the behind the scenes of the current and former Cowboys players, especially for pop psychologists with too much time on their hands like myself.

For instance, before the lockout was lifted, I had a good sense that a certain player missing from yesterday's Romo-workouts had been 'off the grid' based on tweets to and from others that wouldn't make sense if they were in regular communications with their teammates.  I look at the tweets of the free agents that are in the most limbo because of the lockout and see motivational messages and faith-based tweets continuously. I see that Martellus Bennett is engaged, and still hilarious. For all the flak given him by the media, including myself, Martellus seems like a really good dude based on his numerous tweets.

Did you know Martellus follows BTB on Twitter? Bennett, Leonard Davis and Marc Colombo are all followers, as well as five-time Super Bowl champion and Cowboy legend Charles Haley. As O.C.C. wrote back in February, some players like Gerald Sensabaugh keep track of our stories and retweet the links.

I also get a chance to see Tyron Smith's first interaction with his new teammates, Bennett, Choice, Teddy Williams, etc. etc.

Make the jump for more Social Media goodness...

It's also interesting to see what big names follow the NFL and it's players. I know President Barack Obama is said to be a Bears fan, but keeps up on the latest Cowboys news. I have a master plan to get him to become a BTB member :)

If you are new to these types of social media I would advise that you avoid the mistake of holding 'tweets' and 'status updates' against these young men. These social media conventions are intended to, first and foremost, be a person's opportunity to communicate digitally with friends. You'll often times see language and humor that the players wouldn't use in front of the camera. Normally, most guys are on good behavior.

I myself rejected the Twitter movement for a long time, but have finally succumbed. If you care to follow my musings on the Cowboys, the NFL, and sports and life in general, feel free to follow me @KDP10For10. You can of course follow BTB, @BloggingTheBoys.  Here's what I could gather as far as twitter accounts of our new players, and the A listing of the ones I was already following. If you can locate any of the players that I couldn't find, let me know in the comments and I'll add them to the main post. Enjoy.

Draft Picks:

Tyron Smith - @TySmith77

Anyone in Cowboy Nation know any of my teammates that on this ish that should follow?Twitter for BlackBerry® Favorite Retweet Reply


Draft Picks Current Cowboys       Former Players
Tyron Smith - @TySmith77 Dez Bryant @Dez_88   Marion Barber - @24marionbarber   Charles Haley - @CharlesHaley94
Bruce Carter - doesn't exist (yet) Felix Jones - @felixjones28   Jason Hatcher - @hatcher97   Troy Aikman - @Troy_Aikman
DeMarco Murray - @DeMarcoMurray Jason Witten - @JasonWitten   Sam Young - @bigyoungin76   Emmitt Smith - @EmmittSmith22
David Arkin - doesn't exist (yet) Orlando Scandrick - @oscandrick32   Chris Gronkowski - @ChrisGronkowski   Michael Irvin - @michaelirvin88 (inactive)
Josh Thomas - doesn't exist (yet) Steven Bowen - @Stevebo72   Gerald Sensabaugh - @GSensabaugh   Darren Woodson - @darrenwoodson28
Dwayne Harris - @D_Harris17 (currently must be approved to follow) Barry Church - @BarryChurch42   Brandon Williams - @bwill59    
Shaun Chapas - doesn't exist Tashard Choice - @tchoice23   Alan Ball - @TheRealAlanBall    
Bill Nagy - doesn't exist Martellus Bennett - @Martellus80   Marc Colombo - @marccolombo    
  Kevin Ogletree - @KOforPrez   Leonard Davis - @LeonardDavis70    
  Marcus Spears - @mspear96   Free Reign Band - @freereignband    
  Miles Austin - @MilesAustinIII   Terence Newman - @terencenewman41 (quest.)    
  Jesse Holley - @Mr4thandLong   Bryan McCann - @bmac929    
  Andrew Sendejo - @asendejo   Jerry Jones - @realjerryjones    
  Stephen McGee - @StephenMcGee07   Danny McCray - @dannydmac44    
  Martin Rucker - @RuckerSouthSide   Manny Johnson - @manueljohnson    
  Lonyae Miller - @yeezy35   Josh Brent - @jbrent92    
  Teddy Williams - @Teddy_Williams   Alex Daniels - @AlexDaniels4  

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