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Dallas Cowboys Tidbits: Week In Review, May 1st-7th

From the NFL Draft, to the player-organized team activities, this past week might have been the most interesting since the offseason began. As usual, no one takes better care of the weekend warriors than BTB does. Here, you'll find links to pretty much everything you need to know about the Dallas Cowboys that happened during the last calendar week. You'll notice a lot of BTB links in this week's review. I'm proud of our blog and the coverage we brought around the draft, and the week after was no different. BTB was often times the trendsetter, as my Cowboys news feed was filled throughout the week with story ideas we had posted a day or two earlier. Without further ado, let's take a look back at the week that was.


-- Let the rivalry be renewed. Washington Redskins fifth round draft pick Dejon Gomes recently appeared on ESPN 980's John Thompson show with Doc Walker. When Walker asked him to play word association, here's how it went:

"All right, let me do word association," Walker said, via the Dallas Morning News. "I’m gonna give you an IQ test. I’ll say a word, you tell me what the first reaction to it is. Dallas Cowboys."

"Losers," Gomes responded.

Ooooooo - I cannot wait to fly down to Dallas for that September Monday night game with all of these Redskins fans. Tony Romo just received his welcome back present, in the form of a rookie DB that will hopefully be thrust into early season action, under the bright lights.

-- Scouts Inc.'s Bill Williamson looks at the Cowboys cornerback situation. [ESPN]

-- The stadium manager that was involved in the seating fiasco during the Super Bowl, has resigned from his position.

Though Cowboys executive vice president Stephen Jones said the Super Bowl fiasco didn’t play a part in Hill’s decision to leave – and maybe it didn’t, as Jones implied Hill is more of a stadium builder than a stadium manager – there’s little doubt that Hill took much of the blame for the massive Super Bowl screw-up.

Hill was the one who asked for the permits to install the temporary seating, and he assured Arlington, Texas city leaders that he would use extra workers to make sure the job was complete, you know, before the game started.[Ft. Worth Star Telegram]

Much more...



-- As the lockout turns. The players seem to be bracing for a full stay to be granted until the appellate court hears the arguments from the owners. It seems that the judges have allowed the stay, by not responding to it. Here, we take a look at the current situation. [BTB]

-- Good piece on Cowboys new draftee, LB Bruce Carter. Carter emerged unscathed after 14 of his teammates were suspended for at least one game by the NCAA for violations. [San Antonio Express]

-- Cowboys CB Orlando Scandrick was part of the teams that brought the blue carpet to our attention while playing for Boise State. His school seemed to have violated some NCAA rules as far as housing and transportation for incoming players during Scandrick's time on campus, 2005-2008.

Boise State has admitted that from 2005-08, it's football staff arranged summer housing and transportation for 63 incoming players. According to documents obtained by The Idaho Statesman, a total of 40 players received free or reduced-cost housing and transportation from current members of the team. The NCAA does not allow those benefits.

-- Dave gives us a great look into the philosophy and ways of special teams coach Joe DeCamillis.

-- We took a look at the fun and frivolous exercise of predicting the Cowboys 2012 first round pick.  [BTB]


-- After missing the first day of practice (yes, he told Tony Romo he wouldn't be there), Dez Bryant joins the players working out. Word also came out that Dez would be medically cleared to practice if there wasn't a lockout. [BTB]

-- Remember the tragic practice facility collapse from back in 2009 that injured several team employees, including special teams coach Joe DeCamillis? Well, a PR Spokeswoman for the club has filed a lawsuit seeking damages.

Jancy Briles, a member of the team's public relations staff and the daughter of Baylor football coach Art Briles, is suing companies involved in building or designing the steel and fabric structure. The lawsuit, filed April 29, contends that Briles should recover damages for suffering "serious, disabling and permanent injuries."...

Special teams coach Joe DeCamillis suffered broken vertebrae in the accident, and scout Rich Behm was left paralyzed from the waist down. They have received settlements totaling $35 million from Summit Structures and companies controlled by Cowboys owner Jerry Jones.

-- Ranking slightly higher on my pay-attention scale than the Royal Wedding, but slightly below watching paint dry, Tony Romo's wedding date is set for May 28th. [DMN]

-- BTB gathers a list of all the twitter accounts for Cowboys players, including the new draft picks. Don't forget to follow us @Bloggingtheboys and @KDP10for10


-- Word leaked that the Cowboys began their workout regiment, Romo says he hopes to gain a competitive advantage. []

-- Cowboys news for Tuesday, May 3rd [BTB] Includes Tony Romo and the US Open.


-- Josh Thomas was the only player selected in the draft that plays in the Cowboys biggest area of need: secondary. Dave looks at his scouting report from someone in the know.


-- Jason Garrett speaks about his drafting philosophy. Anyone who thinks that after the Tyron Smith pick, Jerry Jones ruled the draft isn't paying attention. [BTB]

-- Jason Garrett quotes discussing each of the draft picks. [BTB]

-- Cowboys receiving great and Hall of Famer Michael Irvin gave the pre-game speech at his alma mater, The U. [ video]

-- Play Your Position: Offensive Depth Chart Analysis [BTB].

-- Play Your Position II: Defensive Depth Chart Analysis [BTB]

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