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2011 Cowboys Draft Leftovers: Bill Nagy

The leftover scraps about Bill Nagy show that the Cowboys got a prospect along the offensive line that could surprise. Nagy wasn't taken until the 7th round, and at the very end of it at that. So Cowboys fans would be excused for dismissing him as a camp body or practice-squad material. But perhaps Nagy has more to show. After all, he was playing behind some really talented players at Wisconsin, which may account for his part-time starter status. Also, his moped-accident injuries were part of the problem.

Scouts think he has the talent to play in the NFL.

We’ll start with Nagy. Here’s what one scout told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: "There’s just no reason why he can’t come to an NFL team and be a center-guard for at minimum four years, Every time he went into a game he played well. Between that kid and that coach there’s something going on. They don’t talk him up. They don’t seem to think he’s much of a prospect, but the tape to me shows different. I don’t get why he didn’t start at center or guard."


Starting on the Wisconsin line last year would have vaulted Nagy to a much higher draft position. But he got stuck behind some good players.

Nagy was the odd-man-out for the deepest offensive line in the country. He had a shot to win a starting job at right guard heading into the season but lost out to Kevin Zeitler — one of the top interior lineman in the Big Ten. And as for the center position? Some scouts say Peter Konz was the best O-lineman the Badgers had last season (including Carimi and Moffitt). Nagy wasn’t slighted. He played behind some of the best lineman in college football.

At the Wisconsin Pro Day, Nagy shined. He hit 26 reps on the bench press and opened scout's eyes.

The skill players showed off their leaping ability during the vertical jump, but it was offensive lineman Bill Nagy who stole the show. Nagy displayed impressive burst and turned some heads with his leap.

Quite a few teams were taking a long look at Nagy.

[Mike] Tice [Bears o-line coach], as well as Steelers’ offensive line coach Sean Kugler, took Carimi, Moffitt and Nagy aside to get a closer look during some cone drills.

Before the draft, Nagy described his game.

"I think I bring athleticism to the offensive line, and I take a lot of pride in the mental aspect as well," said Nagy. "I feel like I'm a pretty smart guy and don't make many mental errors. I feel like those are some of my strengths."

He's also been picking the brain of a veteran NFL center.

"I was working out with LeCharles Bentley leading up to [Wisconsin's pro day], doing some offensive line stuff," said Nagy. "I was just talking, watching film with him, just learning all sorts of new stuff. And the cool thing that he said, he said there are guys that have been in the league for 10 years and they're still like, 'Man, I've got to work on this. I've got to work on that.'

It will be interesting to see how this plays out. Here's a guy drafted very late in the 7th-round who was only a part-time starter at his college. But a freakish injury situation and some really talented players in front of him kept his profile low. Is he a guy who just needs a chance? Or is he a guy who wasn't the starter full-time for a reason?

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