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KDP's 10 For 10: 2011 Mock Draft Contest Results

BTB Mock Draft
BTB Mock Draft

Alright, the book is closed on the competition, let's check the results to see who managed to win KDP's 10 For 10 Mock Draft contest. It seems that formatting is not many peoples strong suits. Even though I gave easy instructions how to format the picks, it didn't work out in most instances. Fortunately I have OCC in my corner, and through his spreadsheet wizardry, we have the results of the contest.

The winning entry avoided trying to predict any trade scenarios and went with the original draft order. As such, he was able to correctly guess the first five picks and seven of the first nine exactly right.

WINNER: Jeremiah_24 (Score: 38 out of a possible 50)


1) Cam Newton – QB Panthers
2) Von Miller – OLB Broncos
3) Marcell Darius – DL Buffalo
4) AJ Green – WR Bengals
5) Patrick Peterson – CB Cardinals
6) Julio Jones – WR Browns
7) Blaine Gabbert – QB 49ers
8) Jake Locker – QB Titans
9) Tyron Smith – OL Cowboys
10) Robert Quinn – OLB Skins

Congrats to Jeremiah_24 as he joins BishopWest and jstaubach in the winner's circle for the KDP 10 For 10 competitions. Follow the jump for the other top 5 entries and the leader board.

2nd Place: Timani (33 pts)

#1: Carolina, QB, Cam Newton
#2: Denver, LB, Von Miller
#3: Buffalo, DL, Marcel Dareus
#4: Cincinatti, QB, Blaine Gabbert
#5: Arizona, DL, AJ Green
#6: Cleveland, WR Julio Jones
#7: San Francisco, DB, Patrick Peterson
#8: Tennessee, QB, Andy Dalton
#9: Dallas, OT, Tyron Smith
#10: Washington, QB, Jake Locker

3rd Place: Sean N (32 pts)

#1: Carolina, QB, Cam Newton
#2: Denver, OLB, Von Miller
#3: Buffalo, DL Marcel Dareus
#4: Cincinatti, WR, AJ Green
#5: Cardinals, QB, Blaine Gabbert
#6: Patriots, OLB Robert Quinn
#7: 49ers, CB Patrick Peterson
#8: Tennessee, DL Nick Fairley
#9: Cowboys, OT Tyron Smith
#10: Washington, QB Jake Locker

4th Place: One.Cool.Customer (31 pts)

#1: Carolina, QB, Cam Newton
#2: Denver, LB, Von Miller
#3: Buffalo, DL, Marcel Dareus
#4: Cincinnati, WR, AJ Green
#5: Arizona, CB, Patrick Peterson
#6: Cleveland, WR, Julio Jones
#7: San Francisco, QB, Blaine Gabbert
#8: Tennessee, DL, Nick Fairley
#9: St. Louis, DL, Robert Quinn
#10: Washington, QB, Jake Locker

5th Place (tie) MicThaRock and what_the_crap



User Total
Jeremiah_24 38
timani* 33
Sean N* 32
One.Cool.Customer 31
MicThaRock 30
what_the_crap 30
Cowtoys* 29
Squishmytomato 28
rioplayer7 27
scotscowboyfan 27
honkytonkbaseball 24
I am Ironman!!! 23
BigBad Joe 21
checker37 21
JimmyK 21
Mikhaili 21
Omar Little 21
regaberto* 21
Terry 21
birdness 20
Jeterian 2 20
RenoCowboy 20
1Bullseye 19
CaliCowboysFan92 19
Cowboys_Attack 19
KD Drummond 19
Kegbearer 19
LRogue 19
Fergie3108 18
Plinkostar 18
alstevenmann 17
smashmouth9473 17
nicholas.rodriguez 16
88Deztined46 12
Alexcomestokill 11

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