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Dallas Cowboys Tidbits: Week In Review For 6/5 - 6/10

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-- Cowboys backup wide receiver Manny Johnson has let it be known that the Cowboys player-led workouts have been temporarily suspended. Understandably, the Cowboys have taken a hiatus to let their head honcho Tony Romo tend to his nuptials and honeymoon with his new wife Candice Crawford. []

--'s NFC East blogger Dan Graziano decided to take a stab at naming the top underrated players in the division, as part of a series by their bloggers. He names Jay Ratliff the Cowboys representative. I'd actually favor a player that hasn't received Pro Bowl nods, maybe Bradie James or Doug Free as supposed yesterday?




-- While the attention of the Cowboys fandom turned to potential safety targets, Andrew Sendejo hopes that he isn't overlooked with the Cowboys coaching staff. The Mothership has a profile of the young prospect.

-- re-ran a story on legendary Cowboys quarterback, Don Meredith. The article originally ran after Meredith passed away back in December, but Cowboys history always deserves a second and third look. The piece talks of how Meredith is the original unappreciated quarterback.

-- Judge Susan Nelson amended a hearing date she had set only a day prior. NFL owners will argue for the dismissal of an anti-trust lawsuit on behalf of the players on August 29th, moved up from September 12th. That original date was just after the first scheduled weekend of the NFL regular season. []

-- Our own chief Dave looks at Jason Garrett's recent round of quotes, dealing with Romo, Bryant, Rob Ryan and more. [BTB]


-- The Mothership takes a look back at an interview with Cowboys great, Lee Roy Jordan. Jordan played 14 years in Dallas, earning five Pro Bowl nods.


-- ESPN's Todd Archer takes a closer look at 2nd round draft pick, Bruce Carter.

-- Third round pick DeMarco Murray gave a few words about the trouble he faces as an incoming rookie during the lockout.

Since [the draft], he’s moved out of the house he lived in in college and into an extended-stay hotel here in Dallas, but due to the lockout, he has been unable to speak to coaches about the offense, or for that matter, any of the other questions an incoming rookie might have--a peculiar position for Murray and those in his class.

"Hopefully, when the lockout ends, I'll find a nice little spot," Murray said recently, per the Dallas Morning News. "But it's just kind of hard right now."


-- Always the sniveling Jerry Jones wanna-be, Dan Snyder is going to try and take another page out of the Cowboys front office playbook.  The list of offenses is too long to remember, but this recent one is hilarious. The Redskins are going to rip out upper deck seats and create their own Party Pavilion, a standing-room only area. SBNation's Redskins bloggger Kevin Ewoldt gives his take on how the unlikeable Snyder missed an opportunity to do something truly fan friendly. Kevin's a great writer and in his take, he helps illustrate why it's so much better to be a fan of the Cowboys. Well, at least reason #12,901,283. :)

-- Hat tip to beWARE94 for the Fan Shot: Joe DeCamillis makes a list as a head coach in waiting.


-- Our own O.C.C. looks at the Cowboys players that have expiring 2011 contracts.

-- BTB also took a look at the maybe he did, maybe he didn't, word of Dez Bryant regarding his creditor lawsuits.


-- Cowboys rookie running back DeMarco Murray sits down with to discuss his transition to the pros.

You grew up a Cowboys fan, right?

"I did. My family loved the Cowboys. I didn't pay too much attention to football growing up, especially at an early age. But as the years went on, I definitely began to become a Cowboys fan, too."

Have they said anything about how they plan to utilize you?

"They told me they wanted to use me in a lot of ways, just like Oklahoma did. Whether it be slot, outside receiver, special teams. They're definitely going to use me and put me in great positions to make plays.