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Report: "Framework for Agreement In About Two Weeks".

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Told optimism is so high in NFL, players talks over labor deal that expectation is for a framework agreement in about two weeksvia Twitter for Android Favorite Retweet Reply

Daniel Kaplan of SportsBusiness Journal reports in the tweet above that the NFL and the former NFLPA may be moving towards a resolution in the current NFL labor negotiations.

This is in line with a lot of other little bits and pieces that have emerged in the last few weeks, from the continued talks between the two sides without lawyers present, to various owners talking about specific deadlines and more recently, player representatives confirming that progress is being made.

Mike Florio from PFT comments that while it may be too soon to report a deal will definitely happen, "the sense of optimism not only has lasted for well over a week but also has consistently grown."

Keep your fingers crossed, but we may be closer to a full season in 2011, including preseason, free agency and training camp, than at any point since the owners opted out of the CBA more than two years ago.