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Dallas Cowboys Time-Waster Sunday

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Hopefully if all the pundits and scribes are right, it won't be long now until we have some actual football to talk about. All the buzz is that the owners and the players have made significant progress in working out a deal to end the lockout and that soon things might go back to normal in the NFL. One can only hope.

In the meantime, here's some fluff for you to waste time on this Sunday.

The National Football Post reports that the Romo Wedding brought together not just Tony and his new bride, but served as a vehicle of reconciliation between Jerry Jones and Wade Phillips.

*Tony Romo’s recent wedding afforded Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and his family the opportunity to mend fences with Wade Phillips, who was fired last year. Romo’s wedding was the first time the Jones and Phillips camps had gotten together since Phillips was let go. I hear they had a good talk and Phillips, like so many other former Cowboys employees, will remain on good terms with the team.

Good thing since Wes Phillips still serves on the Cowboys coaching staff.


What's Leon Lett been up to recently? He's a coach at the University of Louisiana at Monroe. He also did some special guest-coaching for the CFL's Hamilton Tiger Cats, where we find this nugget about one of his famous plays that lives on in NFL lore. The Super Bowl play where he was run down by Don Beebe and had his touchdown taken away.

While he was less than thrilled at the moment, 18 years later, he says he actually loves when people talk about it. He’s met hundreds of people who come up and talk to him about it in airports and restaurants, just because of that play. He’s even become friendly with Beebe, who he says he admires for the effort.

"Not many guys would’ve done that," he says. "I wouldn’t have."

More than anything, it’s given him a platform to teach people the importance of never giving up and finishing strong. Especially on the football field. It’s a story he tells to youth teams and high school teams and his college team. And now the Ticats. "I’m the example," he says.

Funny thing is, despite not scoring the touchdown, he still ended up with the ball in the end. Feeling giddy because Dallas was still winning by about a thousand points and seeing an opportunity for the hilarious dig of all digs, a Cowboys’ trainer recovered it right after the play happened. In the days that followed, he attached a wrist strap to it so Lett wouldn’t drop it again, and then presented it to the big man.

It now sits proudly in his trophy case.


Want to own a car that belongs to a Dallas Cowboy? Check out Marion Barber's ride which is up for sale.


The Best Athlete in Dallas Cowboys history? The mothership lists the top 10. It's a fun read so waste 10 minutes of your Sunday on it.