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Keep Or Cut: Cowboys WR Roy Williams

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Let's play the Keep Or Cut game. In this exercise, we look at a player who has compelling reasons to either keep on the roster, or to cut loose into the NFL netherworld. Technically, the Cowboys could trade the player, but we'll just lump that in with the Cut option.

We start with controversial receiver Roy Williams. With the emergence a few years ago of Miles Austin, and then the sensational rookie season turned in by Dez Bryant in 2010, the question is do the Cowboys really need Williams on the roster anymore?

Make the jump for the pros and cons, then vote in the poll.

History: Roy Williams came to Dallas in a trade back in October of 2008 with the Detroit Lions. The Cowboys gave up a lot to get him (1st round pick, 3rd round pick and some swaps of late-round picks), a move that is now being widely panned. Roy Williams has the size and talent to be a dominant receiver in the NFL, but has really only put together one outstanding season. That was back in 2006. In Dallas, he's suffered through periods of terrible hands, and has been accused of being a poor route-runner. He's also said a few things that haven't gone over well with fans or teammates.

Keep: Even though Williams has never lived up to his billing, and his potential, he's still put together some solid numbers. Not numbers that would make him a #1 WR, but certainly good enough to be a number three receiver, or a number two if necessary. In the NFL, players go down with injury all the time, and both Miles Austin and Dez Bryant are no exception. Both have missed chunks of playing time due to injury. Having an experienced receiver, who knows the offense, and can play the position, is a safety-net any team would want.

Cut: Williams is sometimes a distraction with his mouth. Who knows how he'll take to being the number three guy as the Cowboys will certainly start Austin and Bryant. Also, Williams isn't the ideal receiver to play out of the slot, so the Cowboys would have to shift one of the other two inside to accommodate Williams in three-receiver sets. Having Williams on the roster could block the development of some of the other receivers who might develop into the ideal slot-guy. Basically, it could be time to admit a mistake and move on.

Financials: Would it be too costly to cut Williams? Our own OCC broke it down in this post and decided it wouldn't be something that the Cowboys couldn't handle.

So what do you say BTB? Keep or Cut Roy Williams?