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Roy Williams Talks Cowboys Football, Winning And Opportunities

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Cowboys WR Roy Williams took a minute to give the press the skinny on how the lockout affects players like him, and other things Cowboys.
Cowboys WR Roy Williams took a minute to give the press the skinny on how the lockout affects players like him, and other things Cowboys.

Over the weekend, BTB's most popular post was Dave kicking off his Keep Or Cut series with embattled wide receiver Roy Williams. In a surprise to some, BTB members showed fairly overwhelming support to keep the underwhelming performer for the 2011 season. The comment section showed a wide range of opinions on the legitimate benefits and collateral damage to keeping Williams. A little over a month ago, he was the topic du jour for Cowboys beat writers, with everyone penning an article about how difficult it would be cap wise (if there is a cap) to release Williams. That's a theory eloquently shot down by our resident numbers genius O.C.C., in this piece that outlines the true cost of keeping or cutting Roy. With the lockout still firmly entrenched, Williams must wonder which side of the fence owner Jerry Jones falls on. After all, that is the only opinion that truly matters here, give or take head coach Jason Garrett's.

Williams, for his part, remains the good soldier. He recently sat down with Odessa American,, and gave his take on a variety of subjects.

On the disappointment of the 2010 campaign:

"You have to be able to do it on the field," Williams said. "We looked like paper champs. We had the team, we had the talent, but when we played, it didn't pan out for us. We have to be better next year."

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On the impact the lockout has on vets such as himself:

I talked to a player who was contemplating retirement, but the lockout has gotten his body back to where it needs to be," Williams said. "For us older players, it's good."

"We're losing our key time to jell as a team," Williams said. "That's when you come together, in offseason, OTAs, minicamps. We try to make it up with our own workouts, but it's not the same as it is when the coaches are pushing you."

On what he hopes for the 2011 Cowboys:

And as soon as the lockout ends, Williams will be back at work, chasing the same goal he’s always wanted to get.

"Wins," Williams said. "We should be better next year."

Williams doesn't have to be a regular reader of BTB to know that Cowboys fans have been disappointed with his performance since he came to Dallas. He doesn't make finite excuses here, but does try to provide his own version of illumination.

"It's been tough, because everybody's expecting me to do all these things that I'm very capable of doing when given the opportunity," Williams said. "I'm a role player, and I just try to make the plays whenever they come my way."

Those that remember the quotes from the season will find this line of reasoning familiar. Williams feels that despite leading the team in drops, he isn't given the opportunity to post big numbers due to the Cowboys offensive system. Maybe one day those two stances of opinion will introduce themselves to each other.