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Cowboys First Round Pick, Tyron Smith, To Join Player Workouts

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Back on May 25th of this year, I posted about an interview I had read with Tyron Smith. The post was about player-led workouts, and the key paragraph from Smith was this:

I know you’ve been working out on your own but are you planning on coming to the team workouts?

Yea, if I can; if I can get in contact with one of the players and start working out with them, it’d be great. But, for now, I’m just working on my arms and just keep pushing myself so I can be ready to come in and start practicing.

At the time, I made a little joke about someone please get Tyron Smith Romo's phone number. Well, it turns out someone finally did, and Smith will be joining the player's workouts.

First-round pick Tyron Smith will join his new Cowboys teammates for the next round of player-run workouts, his agent said.

Smith, an offensive tackle from USC selected with the ninth overall pick, reached out to Tony Romo to get information about the workouts at an undisclosed location.

"Tyron has been in touch with Tony and he'll be there for the next workouts," agent Joe Panos said.

Apparently, Smith's agent has been running him through a rigorous workout program and the guys at the Cowboys ESPN blog will have the details tomorrow.