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Reports Emerge Detailing Cornerstones Of New CBA

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ESPN's Chris Mortensen quotes unnamed league sources in an article in which he details the cornerstones of a new CBA the owners and players are discussing.

Among the highlights of the new CBA: players will receive a 48 percent share of "all revenue," doing away with the ca. $1-billion credit the owners were previously allowed to take off the top. The new CBA also will include a 16-game Thursday night TV package, aimed at further increasing revenue (estimates are the package could be worth up to $1-billion), a hard salary floor of 90-93% of the salary cap as well as a rookie wage scale.

Don Banks of Sports Illustrated reports that there is "no significant dissent regarding the direction of the talks" among the owners despite previous reports indicating some tension within the owner's ranks.

Dennis Dillon from the Sporting News quotes Colts owner Jim Irsay describing the status of the talks as fragile:

"It's always fragile and difficult, and I've always believed in energy in both sides," Irsay said. "I've always said 95 percent or more on both sides really want to get a deal, and I think when the day is done it just makes sense that you find a way. I think that kind of energy and that kind of feeling has to continue to carry it. I know both sides are working hard."

Mortensen also writes that contrary to some earlier speculation, there will not be an owner's vote on the CBA today, but he also writes that "cautious expectations" are that the league year would start in mid July.

Details of a proposed CBA after the break.

Per Chris Mortensen:

  • Players get 48 percent of "all revenue," without extra $1-billion-plus off top that previously had been requested by owners.
  • Players' share will never dip below 46.5 percent, under new formula being negotiated.
  • New 16-game Thursday night TV package beginning in 2012.
  • Teams required to spend minimum 90-93 percent of the salary cap.
  • Rookie wage scale part of deal but still being "tweaked."
  • 18-game regular season designated only as negotiable item and at no point is mandated in deal.
  • Owners still will get some expense credits that will allow funding for new stadiums.
  • Retirees to benefit from improved health care, pension benefits as revenue projected to double to $18 [billion] by 2016.