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Friday Morning Headlines From Around The NFL, The NFC East and The Cowboys

In the biggest news today, Dan Kaplan of the Sports Business Journal is reporting that the NFL and NFLPA have engaged in settlement talks, prompting the courts to cancel mediation scheduled for next week. These settlement talks have included several of the key players on both sides of the ball, and apparently no lawyers, except for DeMaurice Smith himself.

Although this has to be considered a positive sign, there is still a long way to go before any agreement can be reached. But as always, it's good to see the two sides talking, as it suggests that they both may want to get a deal done.

In other news after the break, we take an extended look at our friends in the NFC East and what is or isn't keeping them up at night. We look at some other NFL news and we look through the BTB Fanshots.


Plaxico Burress Tells Brandon Jacobs He Wants To Be An Eagle - Bleeding Green Nation
There's still questions obviously. How interested are the Eagles in him? The reports we've seen so far seem to indicate that they are, but these reports haven't exactly been the most solid.

Eagles players "Don't Want To Lose Paychecks" - Bleeding Green Nation
Brent Celek who is apparently busy touring donut factories is getting a little antsy: "The fact that we are not going to football is okay right now. When it's not going to be fine is when we start missing paychecks. I know guys are getting a little antsy. I am too."

Possible Labor Breakthrough Could Help Eagles Most Of All - Philly Sports Daily
Eagles players can't seem to get their act together: For the last couple weeks, the Eagles players have tried. They’ve gotten together (sometimes), and played a little football. Sometimes with a handful of teammates, sometimes with a bunch of wannabe college players and sometimes without a football. But the players are really just floating along. Brent Celek and Todd Herremans are operating a lounge/bar. Moise Fouku is selling suits. Brandon Graham and Leonard Weaver are tweeting a lot. None of them are doing anything close to what they’d normally be doing.

And Brent Celek is busy touring donut factories.

Tea for two? Eagles 'passing camp' down to just a pair -
Some teams' players-only workouts are drawing up to a three dozen or so players. Not the Philadelphia Eagles' workouts, as attendance dwindles with Vick gone. Just two Eagles players were present at Thursday's session: third-string quarterback Mike Kafka and wide receiver Jeremy Maclin. A few other players caught passes from Kafka at Thursday's session. St. Louis Rams wide receiver Danario Alexander and two undrafted free agents, wide receiver Marcus Harris of Murray State and cornerback Kevin Rutland of Missouri, joined in the workout.


Jacobs: 'No Chance' Plaxico Burress Will Be A Giant - Big Blue View
The Giants fans best start getting used to the idea of Burress in green.

Jacobs uncertain about his future with Giants - ESPN New York
Brandon Jacobs didn't just shed some light on Plaxico Burress's future on Thursday night. He also talked about his own future as well.

Justin Tuck undetermined about organizing practices for Giants defense during NFL lockout |
Quarterback Eli Manning held informal workouts for the offensive players -- albeit with sparse attendance -- earlier this month. Tuck leads the defense, which has not yet practiced as a group. Tuck said he doesn't want an organize a workout that only a few players attend. He added that many players live elsewhere during the offseason and have workout regimens that should not be interrupted.


Keep Or Cut? Shawn Andrews - Big Blue View
The depth Andrews theoretically provides is nice, but paying $6.5 million for a backup offensive lineman who might or might not be able to stand up straight and play on Sunday is not a smart investment. And you thought Leonard Davis was overpaid?

BBV has a vote up on the subject and the popular vote, with 700 votes cast, is pretty evenly split.

The Real Cost of Plaxico's Jail Term -
The WSJ points out one more layer of ludicrousness in the Burress story: his incarceration cost the state of New Jersey a boatload. The WSJ estimates the total cost in missed taxes, other revenues and incarceration fees at upwards of $1.5 million.


Redskins Top Ten Draft Successes - Hogs Haven
Redskins fans voted on the Top Ten Draft Successes all-time for the Redskins. No player drafted after 2000 makes the list.

Chris Cooley expects Redskins to acquire a quarterback - Sporting News
No kidding.

Ranking the NFC East running backs - Blogging the bEast
JimmyK rants and raves on his enjoyable new NFC East blog and places Felix Jones third in his ranking.


Confirmed: Anthony Castonzo Working Out With Colts Players - Stampede Blue
More and more rookies are joining the player-only workouts even though they remain unsigned (and perhaps more importantly: unprotected) due to the lockout. When will the Cowboys rookies show up?

No charge for DirecTV Sunday Ticket until the NFL lockout is resolved - Turf Show Times
DirecTV announced that they will not charge subscribers for NFL Sunday Ticket until the lockout is resolved. Good news for subscribers.

From The Fanshots

Demarcus Ware #1 in Run Stop Rate - Fan in Thick and Thin
For all the talk about how awesome Anthony Spencer is at stopping the run, it's DeMarcus Ware that leads the league in Run Stop rate. This just confirms what my eyes have been telling me. Ware is the best pass rusher and the best run defender because he's unblockable.

Rob Ryan on The Blitz - ChiaCrack
Rob Ryan was interviewed on The Blitz recently, and touched on many subjects including how his dad feels about Rob joining the Cowboys, how his defense will attack the passer and much more.

Committing to the Run, not the Runner - beWARE94
Link to an ESPN article on the Cowboys committing to the Run, but not to a particular Runner.

Do you fear the Silver Crush? - beWARE94
Lions head coach Jim Schwartz already has a nickname for his young, potentially formidable defensive line: "Silver Crush". Discussion ensues on whether giving yourself an "I'm bad" nickname is just plain wrong.

Cowboys Coaches don't approve NFLCA brief - beWARE94
Cowboys join an ever growing list of teams who did not approve of the brief filed with the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals by the National Football League Coaches Association. Current tally is 10 disapproving teams: Redskins, Saints, Cowboys, Jaguars, Rams, Texans, Chiefs, Bears, Eagles and Jets.

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