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8th Circuit Court: "Work It Out." Or Else.

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Court done. Bye says ruling in "due course", and decision will be one "that neither side will like." Encourages them to work it out on own.via Echofon Favorite Retweet Reply


Both the NFL and the players got to present their arguments in front of the 8th Circuit Court in St. Louis today on why the lifting of the lockout should be overturned or not.

For now, the court is adjourned in St. Louis while the judges deliberate the NFL's appeal. There's not really much more than speculation available at this point as to what could happen next, but judge Kermit Bye's warning, as relayed by the NFL network's Albert Breer in the above, is ominous.

So while it sounds like 8th Circuit will likely come down on the side of the owners in principle (check out further tweets from Daniel Kaplan from the Sports Business Journal and Albert Brandt from the National Football Post), the court could end up with some very peculiar ideas as to how the NFL should conduct its business.

For now we can only hope the court's remarks result in more direct talks between the two sides.