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Dez Bryant Talks Pigskin

Dez Bryant wanted the conversation to be about football yesterday, as if <em>that's</em> allowed.
Dez Bryant wanted the conversation to be about football yesterday, as if that's allowed.

Yesterday, O.C.C. posted that John Clayton made a Top Ten list that didn't require much in-depth analysis. The thought process regarding Dez Bryant was the second-year receiver could benefit from an end to the lockout more than most players. The premise: that Bryant needs supervising to stay out of trouble. O.C.C. pointed out what we know, more important would be the repetitions and chance to learn more of the Garrett offense, finally participate in a full professional training camp.

Bryant has become that guy for the Dallas Cowboys, the easy target for idle journalists. There is absolutely no indication, in any of Bryant's transgressions that idle time is a problem for him. He wouldn't have been at the mall if there wasn't a lockout? Bryant himself would like to put this offseason's headlines behind him, and spoke about his desires for the 2011 season.


Bryant spoke to the media yesterday from a department store in Oklahoma, and said he believes that there will not be any games missed from the 2011 calendar. From The Associated Press via

"There will be an NFL season and I think we will start on time," Bryant said on Saturday afternoon during an appearance at a local department store about an hour from where he played at Oklahoma State. "I know Dallas will be ready to go, and I'll be ready to put on my helmet and go to work."

He goes on to talk about trying to remain healthy. He missed the preseason last year due to injury, and then was lost for the season in Week 13.

"I'm very determined to stay healthy this season," Bryant said. "I'm working hard and I am staying focused on that. I'm running routes every day to get ready. It was 104 degrees yesterday and I was running gassers. I feel good and I'm ready to play."

On the player-led workouts:

"We're getting together two or three times a week at an undisclosed location," Bryant said with a smile. "We can't be at the facility, but everything else is fine. We're going through practice and getting ready. The work stoppage isn't hurting me at all. I'm motivating myself to be ready."

On his lawsuits from creditors and the impact on his relationship with Jerry Jones:

"I have a handle on it and it's done," Bryant said when asked about his money problems. "It's in the past and I'm ready to go ahead from here."

"From what I see, my relationship with Mr. Jones is fabulous," Bryant said. "The relationship between Big Tony (Romo) and me is great. He believes in me and knows what I can do. If he throws a jump ball, he knows that I will go up and get it."

Bryant also shed some light on his new postion coach, Jimmy Robinson, who came over from the Green Bay Packers in the offseason.

"I feel about him the same way I do coach (Jason) Garrett," Bryant said. "He's a determined guy who wants to win. With that kind of attitude, you can't go wrong. Knowing that, it's easy for me to buy into his philosophy.

Finally Dez spoke to the prospects for the upcoming season.

"I think we'll be more aggressive this year with (Garrett) in charge. I still have a bad taste in my mouth after starting 1-7 last year, and that makes me motivated and determined for this season."

From, Bryant also spoke on the NCAA infractions he incurred while at Oklahoma State. The question was asked how Bryant felt about being the poster boy for inappropriate punishment.

"It hit me out of the blue. I couldn't believe that what I love doing was taken away from me. It's something I've got to live with. ... I felt like I let down our fans... I don't want to speak too much on it, but (NCAA officials) got me. I didn't do that much. I didn't tell the truth at the end, but I did come back and tell the truth. I wasn't expecting to be punished for the whole year."

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